Web Presence Marketing Services

Web Presence Marketing Services

A Marketing Partner that Cares About Your Success

The Web Presence Marketing Services Packages are designed to help small business owners outsource their marketing activities to a team that has the skills required to create an impact in the marketplace. 

As your marketing team, we will ensure that your business:

  • Create the right marketing plan and strategies for your business based on your overall marketing goals.
  • Plans and implements inbound marketing funnels to attract the right visitors who are searching for what you offer to your website and convert them into leads.
  • Put activities in place to nurture your leads and turn them into customers.
  • Gets regular reporting on marketing effectiveness so we do what works for your business and eliminate unnecessary activities that only cost you money.

When we become your marketing team, we ensure that we:

  • Execute the right marketing activities
  • Create a solid web presence that drives inbound leads
  • Implement consistent marketing month to month
  • Maintain consistency in your brand, visibility and message

We make sure your business becomes and stays visible through effective inbound marketing activities.

If you are a small business owner who wants a relationship with a marketing team that will invest in the success of your business, then this program is ideal.

If you are an independent professional or small business owner that wants to learn how to master the marketing skills required to successfully market your business online, visit the Web Presence Marketing Coaching page for more information.

Web Presence Marketing

Web Presence Marketing Services

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As a small business owner it is often necessary to juggle many hats. For that reason, when I find someone I respect, trust and like to help me juggle one of my hats, I consider it a great day because it is so rare. Debra is such a person. ...

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Step 1: Create the Marketing Plan

Review and Assess

Every business is different and its marketing needs are specific to its industry, target audience and resources. Our marketing service packages are customized to bring together all the elements needed to successfully market your business.

Your marketing requires careful planning so that you do the right types of marketing for your business based on your goals. In order to determine your best options for marketing your business and which service package best fits your needs, we need to develop your marketing plan.


Each plan starts with a collaborative business review and action plan, identifying the best path for your business to attract online leads. This includes a:

  • Marketing strategy session to determine your ideal client, goals and specific strategies
  • Web presence analysis
  • Marketing review and website assessment
  • Marketing action plan outlining priorities
  • Social media and online directory selection

Once we have determined the scope of what your business needs, we will determine the breadth of the marketing service package that is right for you.

Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development

Step 2: Develop your Responsive WordPress Website

Your Virtual Front Door to Your Business

Your website is the hub of your online presence and central to all your marketing efforts. It’s the one property you totally control and it needs to create an amazing first impression. Your website is where you send people from every aspect of your marketing to learn more about you 

In order to execute marketing campaigns, build landing pages and capture quality leads, your website has to be modern, easy to update and work across all devices. If your business does not have a professional, responsive WordPress website, we will create one for you.

Our website design and development services will create a custom WordPress website for your business that is will capture your visitor's attention. Depending on which package you then select, your website will play an important role in generating leads. 

Priced from $1,500.00 and will be quoted separately.

Responsive WordPress Website

Responsive Website Design

Step 3: Determine your Monthly Package

Starter Package

$800 per month
12 month commitment

The starter package is an entry-level service package designed for small businesses interested in basic online marketing services and want to proceed at a steady, sustainable pace. A starter package typically includes:

  • 1 blog post per month
  • On-page SEO blog post
  • Social media publishing and promotion
  • SEO review and reporting
  • WordPress website security, maintenance and updates
  • Online directory update and maintenance
Marketing plan development - $1,500.00 additional

Standard Package

$1,200 per month
12 month commitment

The standard package is focused on small businesses ready to ramp up inbound marketing for increased web traffic, leads and customers. A standard package typically includes:

  • 2 blog posts per month
  • On-page SEO for blog posts
  • Social media publishing and promotion
  • SEO review and reporting
  • 1 lead generation campaign per quarter
  • WordPress website security, maintenance and updates
  • Online directory update and maintenance
Marketing plan development - $1,500.00 additional

Premium Package

Starts at $1,600 per month
12 month commitment

The premium package is targeted at small to medium businesses with more aggressive marketing goals and want more marketing activities to increase web traffic and inbound leads. A premium package typically includes:

  • Marketing plan development
  • 2 blog posts per month
  • 1 lead magnet development per quarter
  • On-page SEO for entire website and blog posts
  • Social media publishing and promotion
  • SEO review and reporting
  • 2 lead generation campaigns per quarter
  • Website security, maintenance and updates
  • Online directory update and maintenance

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