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These are the words I am using to recommend Debra. She was instrumental in rebuilding my Dube Consulting website. Debra did much more than build a site, she optimized the website using highly refined search engine optimization techniques. I have top ranking when a potential client searches Human Resource Consulting in MA on Goggle. What more could I ask for? I highly recommend Debra’s work!

Nancy Dube
Dube Consulting

I had been looking for over a year to find the right WordPress expert; I must have talked to twenty consultants. I received all kinds of advice and all kinds of cost estimates – which were all over the map. Not one of those companies that I had talked to did I feel comfortable with. But when I found Debra I knew from the get-go she was the WordPress expert I have been looking for; no nonsense, willing to talk, really friendly and she demonstrated a very good knowledge of WordPress. And she made some really great recommendations on our new WordPress design.

Debra helped us convert our two commerce-based websites to WordPress. Our website conversions were completed over a three-month period including the site preparations and the actual cutovers. After our sites went live, Debra was there when we had to tweak things. And during the follow-up months after our sites were up and running, Debra was available to assist me and answer any question that I may have had.

By moving over to WordPress, we are now saving $2,000 dollars a year since I now manage our sites. Our sales are up, our request for quotes are up and requests for our main PDF download are up. It has been a great experience moving over to WordPress. And it is all because of Debra. Do yourself a favor and at least set up an initial call with Debra to see if she too can help you!

Ed Kosenski

I have worked with Debra for the past several years on several different projects. Debra has helped us in several areas year after year and her role with us expands each and every year. I find Debra to be insightful and helpful with our overall marketing including our web sites. Debra helped us design several different web sites as well as our catalogs. She works well and plays well with others including other web designers.

Her writing skills are exemplary and she is a very quick to pick up on your business and how to improve your message. Debra typically works long hours including weekends and has always met my deadlines. Recently Debra has been working with one of my close friends developing his web site and message as well as his brand. Debra developed his site, media and tag line in a little over 10 days and the result was an immediate increase in his business. You can’t really ask for more than that result from any business!

Mark Gallagher, President

Debra is a total rockstar at Masterful Marketing. She’s not just a marketing pro, she’s your friendly guide to making your business shine online. Debra breaks down complex marketing into simple, easy-to-understand steps. Thanks to her tips, my business got more customers and more smiles! If you want friendly and practical marketing, hit Debra at Masterful Marketing. She’s the real deal, and you’ll love working with her.

Marcos Bicalho

As a small business owner it is often necessary to juggle many hats. For that reason, when I find someone I respect, trust and like to help me juggle one of my hats, I consider it a great day because it is so rare. Debra is such a person.

I discovered Debra on the Internet while trying to clean up a mess I had made of my site. While I am fairly website savvy, I was stumped on a few issues and could not find anyone who had the solutions, despite claims that they did. The solution required someone who could understand both marketing and the inner workings of website construction (HTML code) and most had strengths in only one area. After a brief conversation with Debra, I knew she was extremely knowledgeable in both areas and could solve my problems.

Even better, as a small business owner herself, she instantly understood everything I threw at her and could make recommendations I could trust. With Debra there is no curtain to pull back, no wasted time you’ll be billed for. She is the real deal and I can’t recommend her enough.

Susan Soble

I started working with Debra in 2007 to get a better understanding of how to market my roofing business. I went through the Masterful Marketing 8 Step Program and found it to be extremely valuable. I not only developed a marketing plan and budget for my business, I also developed a new perspective on how to think about my business. In addition, Debra developed my online presence and I continually get new leads through my web site. I would highly recommend Debra for any contractor that wants to grow their business and stay in business.

Kelly Shepard

Debra is truly the master of social networking and internet marketing. From her useful daily advice, to her webinars and marketing packages, Debra can offer something for everyone’s budget. Debra walks the walk. Her newsletter and website reflect her professionalism and knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Kathy Ekdahl

I’m not certain that I possess the vocabulary to express my thanks. I feel like a genius finding you in this sea of mediocrity. I am presently counseling myself to learn to recognize when I need help in this online endeavor. You have no idea how much peace you’ve given me.

Tom Wise
2A Holster

I have tapped Debra’s expertise and balance several times over the last several years to help assess new opportunities and formalize marketing plans for specific programs and services. She has always been able to synthesize new information quickly and provide a tailored framework that enabled us to get through the planning process quickly and effectively. Most recently, she brought me up to speed on Social Media in a very efficient and practical way that let me prioritize what to do and what I would need to know going forward. She has been a valuable resource!

Ken Kahn

Debra is on the front of the curve when it comes to social network marketing and on-line marketing. In addition to this, she has a solid understanding of marketing strategy and implementation. I certainly recommend working with her for her expertise in marketing.

Wendy Pease

Before I met Debra, I hired another firm to design and optimize my website.  SIX months later, I had a total of ZERO contacts!  I knew I needed help, and I knew I needed a small-business marketing expert.

That’s when Debra stepped in.

Not only did she help me optimize the flow, content, and functionality of my website, but she provided extensive training on SEO concepts and implementation.  Her practical, no-nonsense approach has helped my business tremendously.  Within weeks of working with Debra, I started getting contacts on a regular basis, and over the past six months, I have signed three new clients!

Ironically, Debra’s services cost me 20% LESS than the first firm!  I’m so happy that I chose to work with her, and I look forward to working with her in the future as my business grows.

Scott G. Santarelli, Ph.D.
FERS Disability Expert

It truly is a pleasure working with Debra as a marketing coach and mentor. I love the fact that her style is very practical and focused rather than providing me with fluff. I have truly seen a difference in business since I have started working with Debra and I am grateful for this. I not only consider her my mentor but also a friend.

Adizat Animashaun, Owner

Debra was instrumental in the successful re-launch of my website. From the design to the writing to the support around blogs and marketing, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

MJ Rosenthal
Certified Professional Organizer
Organizational & Executive Function Coach

I had the opportunity to meet with Debra Murphy from Masterful Marketing a couple of weeks back. She was kind enough to spend some time with me to give me a couple of suggestions to improve my website. I really valued her professional input and I think my site looks way better now!

Lori Holt

I cannot say enough about the services that Debra has performed for me. I have been working with her for several years and she has helped design and implement many different marketing ideas. I am seeing a much greater return from my marketing expenditures. I am very happy with the results and have recommended her to many of my business associates.

Bob Gustafson

I received an inbound lead for drainage work. The person who sent it said “when I saw your website, it gave me confidence that your company has the knowledge and experience we need”. Thanks for making sure my company is highly visible on the web and projects a professional image to those looking for our excavation services.

Touré Foster

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time and expertise and knowledge whenever I run into problems with our website. No matter how big or small the issue is, you always treat it with the same importance. Thank you so very much.

John Poulin

Debra is so good, she’s scary good. She has a tremendous ability to quickly assess and recommend Marketing/Sales/Small Business tactics for success. Whenever I’ve not listened to her, I’ve wasted money!

Carol Sanchez, CPA

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I’m so happy with my website these days! It’s finally become what I envisioned years ago. The content is there, the organization makes sense, and the design is attractive. It’s getting a weight of authority about it and I’m delighted. Thanks again for all your help!

Maya Townsend

Google Reviews

Susan Saunders
Susan Saunders
Debra has managed my website and SEO for years. Thanks to her excellent work, my site ranks high in search results for all my major keywords. Besides her expertise, she is very professional, resourceful and always responsive. I can't recommend her enough.
Eileen Gardner
Eileen Gardner
Debra is knowledgeable, professional, and experienced in her field. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their website or marketing.
Donna Koczaja
Donna Koczaja
Debra is a delight to work with - I feel like she's my partner as much as my consultant. I have utilized her services more than once, and consider her part of my marketing team for whenever I need a little help. She has expert knowledge in both front-end and back-end web development. In just a few weeks after she helped me optimize SEO on my website I started getting more inquiries for my services. She is flexible in working within your budget and your comfort level in terms of how much you want to DIY versus have her do for you. Her prices are reasonable, and she will give you her all in helping you be successful. Highly recommended!
Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner
I started working with Debra in early 2019. I have a small fitness business and was having trouble generating leads. Also, my web-site was a mess. Debra created a brand new web-site for me and taught me about many facets of marketing. She is the consummate professional and is very knowledgaeble. And she continues to add value to my business on a regular basis. I highly recommend Masterful Marketing.
I was introduced to Debra Murphy and Masterful Marketing after I was not seeing results with the website developer I had at the time. After talking with her, she quickly pointed out several errors that were on my website. Making the decision to have her re-do my website was the Best decision I could have made! She was not only knowledgeable and current about various aspects of website development and its components, but quickly revamped my website to make it look fantastic! I immediately began seeing results with inquiries for my business! She also was instrumental in helping me develop an online training element. Debra is an overall delight and true professional to work with! I highly recommend her!
Beth Bryant
Beth Bryant
I have worked with Debra Murphy of Masterful Marketing for close to 20 years on various clients projects and for marketing assistance with my own business. I've found her to be the most knowledgeable marketing person I've ever worked with, as she possesses experience from both the client and agency side, has deep strategic marketing savvy and keeps herself on top of the latest marketing trends. She also delivers top quality work that results in huge business benefits for her clients.

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