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I had been looking for over a year to find the right WordPress expert; I must have talked to twenty consultants. I received all kinds of advice and all kinds of cost estimates – which were all over the map. Not one of those companies that I had talked to did I feel comfortable with. But when I found Debra I knew from the get-go she was the WordPress expert I have been looking for; no nonsense, willing to talk, really friendly and she demonstrated a very good knowledge of WordPress. And she made some really great recommendations on our new WordPress design.

Debra helped us convert our two commerce-based websites to WordPress. Our website conversions were completed over a three-month period including the site preparations and the actual cutovers. After our sites went live, Debra was there when we had to tweak things. And during the follow-up months after our sites were up and running, Debra was available to assist me and answer any question that I may have had.

By moving over to WordPress, we are now saving $2,000 dollars a year since I now manage our sites. Our sales are up, our request for quotes are up and requests for our main PDF download are up. It has been a great experience moving over to WordPress. And it is all because of Debra. Do yourself a favor and at least set up an initial call with Debra to see if she too can help you!

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