Stay on Course for Marketing Success

Stay the Course for Marketing ResultsI’m getting a lot of queries from my clients in the form of “What do you think of this?” where “this” is a proposal from a niche marketing company for them to buy a plethora of services from PPC Advertising to social media marketing services.

I appreciate that these companies need to sell their services to survive, but as marketing companies they should do a better job at targeting their offerings.

  • Recently I have taken on a client that was spending $2000 per month on Google Adwords with a company that I won’t name. As part of their service, they make a proxy of your Web site so they can track the results of the campaign. All this does is eliminate your site from the organic search engine results pages because the this company is drawing all traffic to their copy of your site. They also put their own phone number on the site so all calls to the company get routed through their service.
  • Another client sent me a proposal for SEO, PPC and a blog. The proposal nicely said that their current web site was not optimized for key search engine phrases. Upon evaluation, the site appeared on the first page (and in many cases in the first position) for each of their keyword phrases.
  • Finally another client sent me a 10 page proposal from a social media marketing firm that was proposing to create videos for viewing on YouTube. The proposal was totally untargeted at this small service business. In addition, it was poorly written with grammatical errors. For a marketing company to send such an unprofessional piece to a prospect leaves me concerned with the company’s credibility and what they will do with your precious marketing dollars.

Marketing Lesson

Evaluate all opportunities against your overall marketing plan.

  • Do these opportunities help you achieve the goals you have set?
  • Will they help you reach your target market?
  • Do they fit into your overall marketing budget?
  • What will you trade off to invest in this new activity?
  • Does it make sense for your business at all?

Stay on course with your marketing strategy to ensure consistent results. It’s ok to adjust the plan based on new information, opportunities that make sense for your business or an infusion of funds that you weren’t expecting. Otherwise resist the temptation to try something “new” just because you think you have to. You don’t.

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