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Social Media Marketing is Part of an Integrated Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing is Marketing

I read a lot about social media marketing. I find this area of my discipline fascinating and I have a thirst to learn as much about how to use these tools to effectively market a business as I can absorb. But every so often, the information is presented in such a way that it implies that social media marketing is a replacement for the more “traditional” marketing activities. A “tug of war” between the two, so to speak. And this concerns me.

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Habits of Successful Bloggers

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Habits of Successful Blogging

The hardest thing for many small business owners to do is to get in the habit of posting regularly. I know, I’m one of them. My goal this year was to increase my blog post rate to at least 3 times a week. Why? Because blogging is an incredible way to share your expertise with others.

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Develop a Social Media System


Some people just are organized. Others need a bit of help staying focused. That’s the beauty of being human – we have our strengths which complement those who have different strengths. When it comes to managing your time now given all the social media activities, the small business owner can get more than overwhelmed. I get asked by many people how does one keep up with everything that is going on in social media.

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Stay on Course for Marketing Success

Stay the Course for Marketing Results

I’m getting a lot of queries from my clients in the form of “What do you think of this?” where “this” is a proposal from a niche marketing company for them to buy a plethora of services from PPC Advertising to social media marketing services. I appreciate that these companies need to sell their services to survive, but as marketing companies they should do a better job at targeting their offerings. Recently I have taken on a client that was spending $2000 per month on Google Adwords with a company that I won’t name. As part of their service, they make a proxy of your Web site so they can track the results of the campaign. All this does is eliminate […]

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Building Social Media Relationships

I occasionally have conversations with people who debunk the value and power of social media. They seem to think that some people hide behind social media to avoid actually meeting people in person. Although I’m sure there are some who are like that, I believe social media has more pluses than minuses and can benefit your marketing activities immensely.

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Push vs. Pull Marketing

Someone on LinkedIn last week asked the question about the difference between push vs. pull marketing. The definitions posted for push marketing by various marketing folk were pretty consistent.

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Microsoft “Rockin’ Our Sales” Video

There seems to be a bit of a debate surrounding the really silly, although somewhat humorous Microsoft video on YouTube called “Rockin’ Our Sales” (see below). This video reminds me of those multi-media productions that I viewed at annual sales conferences. The difference between what we saw in private hotel ball rooms and this is the effect of social media. Reviews of this effort are very mixed. CK’s Blog post Dear Microsoft: Please stay dorky. It’s who you are…and it works, CK gives Microsoft credit for showing their “dorkiness” in this video rather than put on the staid, corporate boring presentations. In her words: Ah, that’s much more in-line with a brand that will always be associated with America’s #1 […]

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Benefits of Social Media

Global Social Networks

I have immersed myself in social media over the past several months to learn the tools and understand how they can be used to effectively market your business. I thought I’d share the benefits that I have experienced using these tools. Developing Relationships with People You’ve Never Met Although I tend to be much more low key than others, by using the tools of social media, I’ve connected with many people I’ve personally never met. I’m waiting for the event that I can attend where I will meet these people in person. For those of us who may not be outgoing with people we don’t know, social media has enabled us to “get to know” people through their blogs, profiles and […]

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B2B vs B2C Marketing – My Thoughts Updated

I wrote an article a while back called “B2B vs B2C Marketing: Similar but Different“. In the article I contrast the two types of marketing as follows: B2B: Relationship driven Maximize the value of the relationship Small, focused target market Multi-step buying process, longer sales cycle Brand identity created on personal relationship Educational and awareness building activities Rational buying decision based on business value B2C: Product driven Maximize the value of the transaction Large target market Single step buying process, shorter sales cycle Brand identity created through repetition and imagery Merchandising and point of purchase activities Emotional buying decision based on status, desire, or price This weekend I got an email from a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University with […]

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