Increase Online Visibility

6 Marketing Activities to Increase Online Visibility

Small businesses have many opportunities to increase online visibility and be found by their ideal customers if they just know where to focus. Since most of us have minimal resources to call upon, we need to be smart when selecting online marketing activities that deliver the best results for our efforts. Remember that marketing is an investment, not an expense, therefore invest wisely to achieve the greatest ROI.

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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Questions

Small business owners ask me a lot of Facebook marketing questions, so I decided to compile the 10 most often asked questions and answer them in an eBook specifically for small business owners. These most popular questions include: Should my business be on Facebook? What does it mean to market my business using Facebook? What’s […]

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Lead Generation: What Works Today

I recently presented a workshop at the New England Business Brokers Association meeting about how to integrate online and social media marketing for lead generation. As professional service business owners, we build our credibility by demonstrating our expertise and knowledge of our discipline and the use of social media makes building your reputation much simpler […]

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Traditional vs. New Media Channels

Is One More Successful than the Other? I consistently get asked by small business owners if they should be doing social media marketing to help them grow their business. Before I answer their question, I usually ask them if they understand who their ideal client is and where they hang out. Of course I get […]

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Nurture and engage your communities

9 Ways to Nurture and Engage Your Communities

You’ve developed your social media marketing plan, created your profiles, provided quality, relevant content and attracted followers, friends, fans and connections. Now that you have your growing communities, how do you keep them as raving fans and ultimately turn them into clients or customers? Building a community requires you to both nurture the members so […]

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Facebook Profiles and Pages

There is wide-spread confusion about the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page and how to effectively use them. I’ve recently had a few friend invitations from profiles using business names. Creating a profile in a business name is frowned upon by Facebook and you run the risk of having your account warned or […]

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Seek Quality not Quantity in Your Social Networks

I have always been about quality. I know a lot of people, but value my few close friends. When it comes to clothes, I would rather have one quality, custom outfit than a dozen that were just ok. And when it comes to social media, I want to build a quality network of people rather than […]

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USGA Tribute to Arnold Palmer

The United States Golf Association (USGA), of which I have been a member for years, launched a tribute to Arnold Palmer for his 80th birthday. It seems like just yesterday that I kept score for Arnie when one of the first PGA Senior Tour event was held at my home course of Marlborough Country Club. […]

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Social Media Myths

Social Media Marketing – Myths or Reality?

In a recent Business Week Viewpoint article called “Beware Social Media Marketing Myths”, Gene Marks highlights what he feels are 5 myths of social media marketing that small business owners should be aware of. Although all 5 of these statements as he describes are myths, I believe this article is misleading to readers on the value of […]

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Eliminate social media email clutter

Eliminate Social Media Email Clutter

As you get more active in social media, one of the things you will notice is the increase in email notifications from the various tools. Having these emails flood your inbox is both distracting and cumbersome to manage.

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