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5 Things You Need to Know to Market Your Small Business

5 Things You Need to Know to Market Your Small Business

In conversations with small business owners, I have realized that my conversation with them takes the following structure. Business owner: I want to add viral marketing / social media / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn (pick your favorite platform) to my marketing efforts. Me: Of course, great idea but first who are your ideal customers …

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Marketing is About Education, Not Sales

Marketing is About Education, Not Sales

I started my career educating customers on technology products for a major computer manufacturer. My pathway into marketing – from educator to technical marketing to product manager to marketing director and now small business marketing coach and mentor – was a natural progression for someone with an educational background. I have always believed that marketing was a …

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Lessons from a Rock Concert

U2 Vertigo Tour

I attended the Coldplay concert last night at the Boston Garden. Throughout the entire show, my focus was on the band, enjoying every moment. The garden was sold out and the crowd was a mix of young to an older crowd. I also attended several U2 concerts during their Vertigo tour and I had the same enjoyment, getting into the music, singing along with the crowd and taking part in the entire experience.

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Embracing Change to Grow Your Business

My business is in transition. And as I contemplate this transition, I realized that this evolution is the catalyst for growth. The evolution will involve change. In a recent post, John Jantsch identifies change as the ultimate secret to business growth. And I couldn’t agree more. He provides five ways to intentionally get change into your …

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