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Relationship Marketing – Connecting You with Your Customers

Relationship Marketing - Build Loyalty & Trust to Build Relationship

Relationship marketing is not a new concept but has increased in importance because of its effectiveness in attracting the attention of your target audience. The use of social media has put a spotlight on your business making it vital that you provide value to your clients while demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness. This ensures you have a loyal, happy customer base and a quality reputation.

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6 Tips for Turning Internet Marketing into Relationship Marketing

Internet marketing = Relationship Marketing

Guest post by Laura Briere, president of Vision Advertising. When everything you do revolves around your community – customers, fans, followers, employees, etc. – the answer is clear. You will have the reputation, loyalty and love that keeps your business alive and thriving. You will have a connection with your audience, and that’s the key to success for your company.

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Customer Experience & Marketing

The experience your customer gets from your business has the ultimate effect on whether they will do business with you now or ever again. One difficult experience can offset the effects on all your good marketing you have done. Putting roadblocks in place cause dissatisfaction and a negative experience, no matter how great your service initially was. One bad experience will be spoken about more in blogs and on the Web than a 100 good experiences. We would hope it was the opposite but people speak out about negative experiences more freely than positive ones. The Experience I bought Cuisinart replacement filters for my coffee maker through Amazon which was fulfilled by The cost was under $20. When the […]

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