Relationship Marketing - Build Loyalty & Trust to Build Relationship

Relationship Marketing – Connecting You with Your Customers

Relationship marketing is not a new concept but has increased in importance because of its effectiveness in attracting the attention of your target audience. The use of social media has put a spotlight on your business making it vital that you provide value to your clients while demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness. This ensures you have a loyal, happy customer base and a quality reputation.

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Internet marketing = Relationship Marketing

6 Tips for Turning Internet Marketing into Relationship Marketing

Guest post by Laura Briere, president of Vision Advertising. When everything you do revolves around your community – customers, fans, followers, employees, etc. – the answer is clear. You will have the reputation, loyalty and love that keeps your business alive and thriving. You will have a connection with your audience, and that’s the key to success for your company.

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