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Looking for an Engaging Speaker for Your Organization, Business or Event?

If you need someone passionate about marketing to educate and inspire your audience, consider me for your next event. I customize each presentation to the particular audience, but the following are my two signature topics that can be delivered either as a presentation or workshop, both in-person or virtually.

Getting Found in a Crowded Market

Using Inbound Marketing to Increase Visibility and Generate Inbound Leads

If your business is not visible online, does it really exist?

The simple truth is if your business does not have a highly visible web presence, you don’t exist to those searching and you will lose out on many opportunities. No longer can you avoid creating a web presence that attracts your ideal client.

Inbound Marketing helps your business generate leads, increase visibility, develop an expert reputation and promote awareness of your brand. Did you know that B2B buyers are often 60% of the way into their buying process before even contacting the vendor and B2C buyers search throughout the buying cycle? This means that if you don’t have a highly visible web presence, you will lose out on many opportunities.

In this presentation or workshop you will learn:

  • Why it is important to create a highly visible web presence
  • How to establish your online visibility
  • How to create an inbound marketing plan
  • What tools are available to help you manage your visibility without becoming overwhelming

Get practical advice on how to create a highly visible online presence, drive visitors to your website and generate quality leads that convert into customers.

90 Day Year® Peak Performance System

Get more done in 90 days than most do in one year

Many small business owners are overwhelmed trying to manage the business while constantly being distracted by the many opportunities that come their way. By incorporating a proven system of peak performance into our daily work habits, we can focus on the right thing that helps your business move forward.

High performance is that incredible feeling of certainty and confidence. High performance is getting maximum return on our skills, abilities and resources allowing us to capitalize on opportunities, grow as a human being or team and uncover more of what lies within us.

Yearly plans, 3 year goals and long-term strategies do not result in exponential growth, speed or agility. In fact, most of us find ourselves missing opportunities and underperforming, leading to less than optimal results.

In today’s world of speed and ambiguity, leaders, teams and organizations must embrace a new mindset, agile strategies and frameworks in order to effectively compete.

Our three phase 90 Day Year™ System provides a systematic approach to achieving high performance which creates consistent, predictable results.

In this presentation or workshop you will learn:

  • Why high performance matters
  • The 6 core performance pillars and how they collectively strengthen your ability to execute on your business strategies and achieve your goals.
  • How to focus on the right thing right now based on your stage of business
  • Power of the O.P.P Framework
  • Sprints and the value of feedback loops
  • High-Performance Toolbox

The 90 Day Year is for business owners who are frustrated with their level of performance and want a highly refined system to get out of their own way and see their business thrive.

The 90 Day Year can be delivered as a 90 minute workshop or a 2 day intensive to help your organization become more productive.

If you would like to book Debra to speak at your company, organization or event, please contact us to discuss which you would like to schedule.

About our Leader, Debra

Debra Murphy - Marketing Coach & Trusted Marketing Advisor

Your trusted marketing partner passionate about your success. Let me help you build a strong digital footprint and use it to increase visibility and generate inbound leads. Read more »

90 Day Year®

Peak Performance System
90 Day Year Certified Partner

90 Day Year® Peak Performance System helps you achieve inevitable outcomes in your business with more speed, focus and efficiency than ever before.

This system helps me grow my business and stay on track. As a 90 Day Year® Certified Partner, I use this system to help you get better results. Learn more »

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I received an inbound lead for drainage work. The person who sent it said “when I saw your website, it gave me confidence that your company has the knowledge and experience we need”. Thanks for making sure my company is highly visible on the web and projects a professional image to those looking for our… “Toure Foster”

Touré Foster
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