3 Phase Masterful Marketing® Game Plan

Take a Blended Approach to Your Marketing Services

Our 3 Phase Masterful Marketing® Game Plan is designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners master the marketing skills required to successfully create online visibility while off-loading the creation of your web presence. Our agency creates your responsive WordPress website and ensures your brand is consistently used on all of your social media profiles. This gives you the time to focus on learning what it takes to successfully market your business.

Working with you, I will ensure that you:

  • Understand what marketing strategies will work for you based on your overall marketing goals.
  • Learn how to plan and implement inbound marketing funnels to attract the right visitors to your website and convert them into leads.
  • Put activities in place to nurture your leads so you turn them into customers.
  • Know how to measure your marketing effectiveness so you can continue to do what works and eliminate those that fail.
  • Implement a high-performance system to catapult your business results.

This package helps you:

  • Understand the impression your business makes when seen online
  • Create a simple inbound marketing plan to generate quality leads
  • Define the strategies to build a solid web presence that works for your business
  • Implement a repeatable marketing system
  • Maintain consistency in your brand, visibility and message
  • Work on the right thing right now depending on your stage of business.

At the end of the six month program, you are armed with knowledge about how to market your business efficiently and effectively. You now have the information you need to decide whether you want to market your business yourself or outsource execution to an agency.

If you decide to market your business yourself, you have the option to continue the 2 hours of strategy and accountability calls per month for a small monthly fee. We utilize the 90 Day Year™ Peak Performance System to help you stay on track.

Masterful Marketing® Game Plan

Masterful Marketing® Game Plan


I had been looking for over a year to find the right WordPress expert; I must have talked to twenty consultants. I received all kinds of advice and all kinds of cost estimates – which were all over the map. Not one of those companies that I had talked to did I feel comfortable with.… “EM Wedding”

Ed Kosenski

Our Signature Service Designed to Help You Master Inbound Marketing Skills

3 Phases of the Masterful Marketing® Game Plan

Phase 1 - Build the Web Presence Foundation

Before you can implement any marketing efforts, you must have a professionally developed website as the central hub. In addition, your web presence must project a consistent brand everywhere it can be found in the search engine results.

We take the responsibility of creating your website that reflects your company in all aspects of the business. We implement basic on-page SEO techniques to make it easy for your prospects to find and connect with you on their terms.

A pretty website that doesn't let your visitor see that you understand their needs and why you are the right business to solve their problem is a waste of time and money. By us taking control of building your quality web presence, we can ensure that your message gets accurately delivered to your target audience.

Phase 2 - Develop the marketing strategy and plan

The marketing plan defines how we will market your business, what strategies to use and the action plan to map out your tasks. The following sections make up your marketing plan:

  • Business review – discusses your business vision and your competitive landscape.
  • Strategic positioning – defines your target audience, the problems you solve, the key benefit of working with you and your core value proposition. This is critical to ensuring the business is properly positioned and messages are clear.
  • Marketing goals – guides you towards your vision.
  • Marketing strategies - determines what we will use to achieve your goals.
  • Marketing action plan – defines the projects and tasks associated with each strategy.
  • Editorial calendar – lays out the content, format, timing and channels of distribution.

Phase 3 - Implement strategy and accountability sessions

Once the website is nearing completion, you will be given access to it to begin to understand how to manage and maintain the site yourself. We will then use strategy sessions to discuss how you create an even larger presence on the Internet.

Some of the specific areas we cover during strategy sessions include:

  • The importance of identifying your primary keywords and where to use them
  • Your content strategy and the types of content should you produce and why
  • On-page SEO techniques to ensure your website, blog and social media profiles are best optimized
  • How to use WordPress, update your website content and begin blogging
  • The structure of compelling blog posts so they are easy to consume
  • Defining the right social media strategy for your business
  • How to set up complete and optimized social media profiles that make sense for your business
  • How to create your inbound marketing system to generate leads
  • Defining your email marketing strategy and how to grow your email list
  • How to drive traffic to your site through social media
  • What you should be working on right now to get the best results.

About our Leader, Debra

Debra Murphy - Marketing Coach & Trusted Marketing Advisor

Your trusted marketing partner passionate about your success. Read more »

90 Day Year Certified Partner

90 Day Year Certified Partner

As a 90 Day Year Certified Partner, I will be using the 90 Day Year High-Performance system to plan, measure and track our progress.

Masterful Marketing® Game Plan - The "Do It With You" Approach to Marketing

What You Get

  • A marketing plan created uniquely for your business
  • A custom responsive WordPress website that projects your brand consistently across all devices. If you already have a WordPress website, we will analyze the website and make recommendations on how to make your website more productive
  • A review of your social media profiles with recommendations
  • A minimum of (2) hours of strategy and accountability sessions per month for six (6) months via Zoom with recordings
  • Unlimited email access to me to answer your questions and help you get unstuck when necessary
  • Brief phone conversations to get unstuck when necessary
  • Other resources and tools as needed

Each strategy session you get my full attention for 60 minutes and a recording of the call. In my experience, no one can take notes fast enough and participate in our conversation at the same time! I want us to discuss your challenges, brainstorm your strategies and help you make progress so our sessions are of the highest value to you.

Is This Program Right For You?

This powerful, comprehensive program is offered to you for
6 monthly payments starting at $1,000* per month.

If you are an independent professional or small business owner who wants a structured relationship to ensure success and is willing to invest the resources -- time, energy and money -- to market your passion successfully, the Online Marketing Game Plan is ideal. You will learn how to use the online tools available to market your business and ensure success.

* Monthly fees may vary based on your requirements.

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