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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Business product research on mobile

Mobile has caused a major shift in buyer behavior. Regardless of whether the buyer is searching for a new set of headphones or a new product for their business, they are utilizing their mobile devices to search, learn about and buy these products and services. Be sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly.

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Impact of Mobile Search – Is Your Marketing Ready?

Mobile Search

Searching the web from mobile devices is projected to overtake desktop search by 2015. Doesn’t seem surprising as it appears that people are tethered to their smartphones as if it is an extra appendage. But there is no doubt that mobile search will impact your business and your marketing activities. What are you doing now to accommodate visitors who arrive at their destination only to click away to your competition because your site is not the user experience they have come to expect?

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Content Marketing for Mobile Devices

Content Marketing for Mobile Devices

We love our smartphones and tablets. Usage of both devices is growing rapidly with more people using their mobile devices more than a laptop. Given the fact that more and more people are finding and consuming content on tablets and smart phones, our content marketing tactics must support those devices seamlessly.

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