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8 Ways to Differentiate Your Business

8 Ways to Differentiate Your Business

Small businesses have many marketing challenges, but one of the hardest things small business owners need to do is determine what makes their business stand out from the competition and present it in a way that attracts their ideal client. Being able to differentiate your business by communicating your unique capabilities that your competition does not have is paramount to attracting your ideal client.

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How to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

How to launch a successful marketing campaign

Marketers like to talk about the benefits of creating a marketing plan for your business. While doing so is important, there is more to implementing a successful marketing campaign than just creating a marketing plan. To implement your marketing plan, you need a process for each marketing campaign or initiative – lead generation, content marketing, email marketing, search marketing or social media marketing to name a few – so that it achieves a significant ROI.

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7 Reasons to Conduct a Simple Marketing Review

simple marketing review

Did your marketing help you increase visibility, generate more leads or find new lucrative clients? Whether you feel your marketing was successful or not, it is the perfect time to conduct a marketing review prior to putting your marketing plan in place for the new year.

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Keyword Research is Target Market Research

Keyword research is target market research

Keyword research is one of the most important and valuable activities in marketing, not just search engine marketing, but marketing in general and should be the starting point of your marketing plan. We know that people are doing more and more of their research online to determine what they want to buy and who they want to buy from. Consider keyword research as a component of market research that helps us better understand what our target markets are interested in and what terms they use to find what they need.

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Small Business Website – Marketing Tool or Technology Project?

Lead generation via your website

How do you view marketing when it comes to your business – an investment or an expense? If you pick investment, then spending money on creating a powerful web presence is something you will do willingly because you know it will help your business grow and succeed. If you pick expense, then you will cut marketing when things get a bit tight (if you spend on marketing at all) and make irrational decisions when it comes to your web presence.

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