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The customized marketing coaching covers all aspects of coaching based on what your business needs. You could use the coaching hours to help you create a full marketing plan for your business, solve a specific challenge, get training on some aspect of marketing you want to learn better, guidance on how to use inbound marketing effectively for your business or a combination of many areas. You choose the areas you want to focus on.

The Masterful Marketing® Online Marketing Game Plan is designed to create a full web presence for your business over a three to six month period while providing coaching and mentoring to you or someone in your organization. This service focuses on creating your mobile-first website, fully optimized social media profiles and directory listings. Once your web presence is in place and you have executed on your marketing plan for 90 days, you can then decide whether to do the marketing yourself or outsource to a full-service marketing agency.

Our coaching services provide you a resource to help you through several scenarios. We help you:

  • Develop your marketing strategy
  • Educate you on how to execute your strategy with your current resources

We are your advisor, confidant and mentor, holding you accountable and encouraging you to take action and stay consistent.

Our agency services provide outsourced marketing resources for your business. We work with you to develop your marketing strategy, but we spend time doing the work.  We work with your business over a longer time period

Many small businesses will need both marketing coaching and consulting at times. For daily execution, coaching can help you stay focused on getting results. For larger projects, such as website development or pay per click advertising, you may be better off engaging an expert to do the work and deliver results. This is where our Masterful Marketing® Game Plan comes into play.

Most small business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Their expertise may lie in finance, technology, sales or operations. Some may have actual marketing experience. But when it comes to marketing your small business online, the complexities may be too much to handle with all the other responsibilities.

Having a marketing coach or mentor can guide you in the right direction. As a partner in your success, they can:

  • Help you create your marketing strategy with an outside view of the plan;
  • Direct you towards working on the right things right now;
  • Hold you accountable for making marketing a priority;
  • Help you navigate the ever-changing complexities of the digital marketing world.

It is certainly easier to build a website today given all the tools available to you. However, given that your website is the front door to your business when people are searching, there are features you need in place in order for your website to work for you.

The following are reasons to work with a professional to build your website:

  • Your website needs to be structured properly to provide a quality user experience.
  • It needs to not only be mobile-friendly, but built using mobile first design. This requires that the website be built for the mobile device and scaled up to the desktop.
  • The content needs to be written to speak to your potential customer, ensuring they understand how you can help them.
  • Search engine optimization needs to be built into your website to take advantage of the opportunity to be visible to those looking for what you offer

Trying to market your business while you are running the day-to-day activities in the business is hard. As the business owner, you are tasked with hiring the right people, increasing sales, making payroll, filing taxes and providing quality customer service.

But marketing is an investment in your business and needs to be done consistently and professionally. However, overcoming the many marketing challenges that face a small business can be daunting.

Feel free to reach out and ask any question you have about how we can help your small business. Let us help your business become more visible and attract new customers.

Effective marketing requires careful planning. Your business just might not have the resources to go it alone. Hiring a marketing agency can help achieve results for your business.

If you are contemplating hiring a marketing agency to help you with your marketing, you need to do your homework. It is important that you hire someone who can help your business become more visible and attract more customers.

If you have never worked with an agency before, you may find yourself not knowing how to determine which potential partners would be right for you. Or in many cases we’ve been approached by businesses that have had a negative experience in the past and are afraid to make the same mistake again.

These following questions are those you should be asking, whether you are speaking with us or another agency because it is important to differentiate between those that speak a good game and those that can win the game for you.

  • Who will be doing the marketing work for my business? Who do I call if I have a problem?
  • Are you working with other businesses in my industry that could be competitive with my business?
  • Will you review my current marketing activities and provide an assessment?
  • Do you require us to redo our marketing plan or can you work with what is already available?
  • How do you work with your clients?
  • Do you partner with products and services where you get commissions or affiliate fees?
  • What do you look for in a successful client relationship?
  • Can you provide a few clients as references?

Here are the answers to the above questions about Masterful Marketing®:

Who will be doing the marketing work for my business?

All website and SEO work is done by me. Writing may be done by outsourced professional writers that I have vetted and have worked with for some time. All content they write is reviewed by me and/or the client before it goes live. Any issues you have should be directed to me.

Are you working with other businesses in my industry that could be competitive with my business?

When we take you on as a client, we will not take on any other business as a client that could possibly compete with you. Our philosophy is that when we work with you, we are doing our best to make your business the most visible business in your category. Therefore, it is a conflict of interest to work with a direct competitor.

If you are a local business, we may take on another business outside of your service area. If we get that type of an opportunity, we will let you know if we are going to work with them.

Will you review my current marketing activities and provide an assessment?

When we begin our relationship with our clients, we begin with a web presence analysis to identify how your business is viewed in the search results.

Our web presence analysis service is a comprehensive review of the digital footprint for your business. It includes a review of your website, content organization and optimization, social media profiles, Google My Business and local SEO, directory and citation review and an assessment of your overall online presence. The purpose of this program is to review the effectiveness of your complete online presence in communicating the company’s message and brand.

Do you require us to redo our marketing plan or can you work with what is already available?

A marketing agency should take a prominent role in helping your business determine its marketing goals and strategy. If you already have created a marketing plan, we will review it and make recommendations. We are not afraid to provide feedback.

If you are hiring an agency, you should expect them to have an opinion on the right way to market your business. All businesses are unique. Your marketing plan should reflect your vision and goals.

How do you work with your clients?

Some companies want to execute their marketing plan with guidance. Other companies want nothing to do with it. Make sure you work with an agency that can provide the types of services you want.

That’s why Masterful Marketing® offers three types of online marketing services:

In all three cases, we will work with you to create the marketing plan. How you execute the plan is up to you.

Do you partner with products and services where you get commissions or affiliate fees?

Marketing agencies form partnerships with technology companies to resell their solutions as affiliate partners, earning a commission on each sale. Although there is nothing wrong with that model, we have chosen not to participate in affiliate programs for any marketing-related tool. This allows us to remain completely objective and eliminates potential conflict of interest. We want to ensure that your business gets the right tools for your unique needs.

What do you look for in a successful client relationship?

Because marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you. Many activities take months to see results and we need a partnership in order to get you the results you need. We want to understand your needs and pick the right strategies that will make a difference in your bottom line.

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I cannot say enough about the services that Debra has performed for me. I have been working with her for several years and she has helped design and implement many different marketing ideas. I am seeing a much greater return from my marketing expenditures. I am very happy with the results and have recommended her… “Triton Financial”

Bob Gustafson

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