LinkedIn – Recent Updates for Professionals & Companies

LinkedIn has announced and delivered many new updates to their social media platform for professionals over the last several months. For the individual, there is a new profile being rolled out and endorsements. For companies, there is a new company page format, targeted updates and follower statistics.

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Organize your connections into different groups via tags

Organizing LinkedIn Connections via Tags

LinkedIn is in beta with a new connections page that makes it easier to find, organize and stay in touch with your business contacts. The update adds a panel that makes it much nicer to browse contacts quickly, enabling you to find what you need with a few clicks. You now are able to browse […]

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Do you hide your LinkedIn contacts?

Do You Hide Your LinkedIn Connections?

I’ve noticed that some of my contacts (10% to be exact) have made their connections private on LinkedIn. As a social network, hiding your contact list seems, well, not very social. When a contact list is private, I can’t browse my connection’s network to see who I may know or who may be of interest […]

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