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Losing my Mom – a Personal Loss

Josephine Rio - Debra's Mom

This is an off-topic post that I need to write to once again briefly explain my disappearance over the last month. Back in November 2008, I wrote about the loss of my Dad on November 10th. Two years and forty days later on December 20th, my Mom joined my Dad and hopefully spent Christmas with her soul mate (shown in the picture at their 60th wedding anniversary in 2007 with my sister and me). Her story is a bit different than Dad’s. She was not ill but had fallen and broke her hip on October 15th. She had an easy surgery and was home in three days. She had already had a knee and a hip replaced within the last […]

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A Gift from Dad?

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wedding band

I’m not sure if you believe in spirits or angels, but I have to write about what happened today. So once again, forgive my deviation from my marketing posts. Maybe someone can help me understand what happened as I really can’t explain it myself. Although I’m Catholic and believe in my religion, I wouldn’t say I am overly spiritual. But this event makes one sit back and truly wonder. My dad lost his wedding ring last summer and was heartbroken. We looked everywhere in the yard, where he dumps clippings, and around the house. He looked, Kevin and I looked, and my friend Bob came by with a metal detector to help us look through the grass and brush. Nothing. I […]

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Experiencing a Painful Loss

Happy Family Memories

This is an off-topic post to briefly explain where I’ve been for the last three months. I wish I could say it was a wonderful adventure, but it was not. It was life at its worse, but it is life and we all experience it. On November 10th, my Dad passed away after two months of deteriorating health. My Dad lived with lymphoma for 15 years and to the doctors, that was amazing. To us, however, he died too soon. He was full of life, married to my Mom for over 61 years and never complained when he went for treatments. The painful part for me was watching him go through these last two months. On September 1st, he played […]

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