High Five to Facebook

This week I was pleasantly surprised twice by Facebook!

Pleasant Surprise Number 1

The first surprise was a credit to my Facebook account for my Ad that I ran for the Get Connected, Get Found tele-clinics in May and June.

Recently, we have detected an increase in invalid clicks on Facebook. Your account was impacted and as a result, we are crediting your account. Your credit has been automatically deposited into your Facebook account and will apply toward future advertising campaigns. Your credits expire December 15, 2009.

High 5 to Facebook
Photo Courtesy of JDAC on Flickr

Not only does Facebook give you a PPC capability with very targeted demographics, they also monitor click activity and provide credits if they deem the clicks are invalid. Their help files say that determining what makes up an invalid click is a combination of your daily budget and your target audience with their “secret recipe” applied to the mix.

Now I’m even a bigger fan of advertising on Facebook. I will be starting up the ad again shortly for the tele-clinic that I have scheduled for August. If you are thinking of advertising on Facebook, I highly recommend that you try it out. Take it slow to see how it works, but it does work.

Pleasant Surprise Number 2

I received the following email from their User Operations regarding my vanity URL for my Facebook page:

We have added your requested username to your account. You can verify this change by logging in and viewing your web browser’s address bar.

Facebook provided a mechanism for owners of registered trademarks to submit their trademark information to prevent others from taking it. I did that before the first stampede for the vanity URLs happened at the beginning of June. Since I didn’t have 100 fans for my Page on June 27th, I was not able to create my MasterfulMarketing vanity URL at that time, so I have been waiting to get to my 100 fans.

Imagine my surprise when I got this email and went to my fan page! You can now easily remember my Masterful Marketing fan page name. Now I can build my fan base organically so that all that become fans are truly interested in what Masterful Marketing has to offer.

Thank you Facebook for attending to these details.

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