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Facebook Page Tagging – An Update

Facebook Page Tagging - An Update

Since I published my previous post on Facebook Tagging, I’ve received many questions from readers about their challenges trying to tag photos on Facebook Pages. Many are confused over the lack of notifications, who can be tagged and when. So, I did a few Facebook Page tagging experiments across a number of different Page types to see how or if tagging worked. Here are my discoveries.

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Facebook Business Page Latest Updates

Facebook Promoted Posts

Your Facebook Business Page is once again sporting some new features including Admin Permission Levels, Scheduled Posts, Promoted Posts, Page Post Metrics, Page Manager App for iPhone (hopefully Android coming soon) and larger images and text size for posts in the News Feed.

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Facebook Tagging – How it Works for Timelines and Pages

Facebook Tagging - How it works for Timelines & Pages

Facebook tagging links a person, page or place to something you post, like a status update, photo or app activity. Facebook tagging is a useful feature because it enables you to notify a person or a business when you post something that pertains to them, letting them know that they were mentioned and it makes the post more visible in the news feed to friends or fans of the person or business you tagged if the person has set the post to be visible to friends or public.

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Facebook Page Changes – 3 Things You Need to Address Now!

Masterful Marketing Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook announced the new Timeline for Pages and surprised everyone with them being available immediately! And honestly, there are a lot of changes. But don’t worry – as an admin, you can preview what your page will look like, make the changes you want and tweak for a while. The world will continue to see your current page until you publish or March 30th, when Facebook is migrating all pages to the new format. So you have this month to update your page and create an exciting cover photo.

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Top 9 Facebook Page Questions

Top 9 Facebook Page Questions

Here are the top Facebook Page questions that I get asked regularly. Given the frequency, I thought I would share the answers for the benefit of everyone. 1. Question: I want to set up a business page for a business I own but I do not want my personal profile linked to the business page. Can I do this? Answer: A Facebook Page is a separate account that does not have login information and are created by people through their profiles (timelines). This does not associate it with your personal profile other than you are an administrator. People who become fans will not gain any access to your personal account. Log into your personal profile and go to to […]

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Recap of Facebook Updates

The New Facebook Timeline

We interrupt our Inbound Marketing Series to provide a brief recap of the Facebook updates coming to personal profiles and Pages. In my opinion, these changes provide a cleaner look and more control of your content.  Personal profile updates: Timeline – will replace your current personal profile layout. Expect it to roll out over the month of October. I installed the Timeline on my personal profile using the instructions in the post: How To Get Your New Facebook Profile In Just 5 Minutes. I love the new cover photo (the real big one) where you can showcase something in your life that is important. I also like the clean look and ease with which I can get to information (such […]

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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Questions

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Small business owners ask me a lot of Facebook marketing questions, so I decided to compile the 10 most often asked questions and answer them in an eBook specifically for small business owners. These most popular questions include: Should my business be on Facebook? What does it mean to market my business using Facebook? What’s the difference between a Personal Profile, a Business Page and a Business Account? Why do I need a Facebook Page for my business? What is the best way to drive traffic to my Page? Why do I need an email list when I have a community of Facebook fans? When and how often should I post on our Page? What content should I post? When […]

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5 Facebook Marketing Tactics That Help You Lose Fans

Exact Target / CoTweet Study

Engaging your Facebook Fans and growing your community is really important to a small business marketing plan. Many blog posts review all the good things to do to promote your Facebook page and grow your fan base, but there are tactics that can cause a major reduction. According to a study by ExactTarget and CoTweet, “More Than 90% of Consumers Unsubscribe, Unfan or Unfollow Because of Too Frequent, Irrelevant or Boring Communications”. So if you want to reduce the number of Facebook fans for your page, try to do some of the following Facebook marketing tactics more often than those that can increase your fan base. Flood people’s news feed with links – a few pages I’ve liked suddenly post […]

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Facebook Business Page – Recent Updates

On February 10th, Facebook introduced the new Business Page layout that has included many new and often asked for features. Facebook gives you the ability to tour the new design before you have to upgrade, but all pages will be upgraded to the new design by March 10th. If you want to see what the new page design looks like, visit the Masterful Marketing Facebook page or view this video tutorial by Jason Keath of Social Fresh. I chose to upgrade immediately because I liked what I saw from a clean design and some new features that have been asked for for quite some time. The following is a list of the important changes and how they will benefit you: […]

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8 Recent Updates for Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Treasure Hunt

Whenever I go to my Facebook Business Page, I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt looking for new feature gems that suddenly appear. Recently I noticed the new per post insights information on my Page and another time I looked at my fans and noticed a “remove admin” box appear quietly next to my name. So I decided to assemble a list of significant changes that have been made over the last six months that affect Facebook Pages and came up with the following eight: Remove the Creator Admin– Until the addition of this feature, not being able to remove the originating administrator when the person who created the page left the company was one of the largest complaints […]

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