Facebook Tagging – How it Works for Timelines and Pages

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Although Facebook Tagging seems rather straightforward, when I received the following as a comment in another post, I decided to write an entire post on the subject.

Recently, we were tagged in a post by another company. There was nothing inflammatory about the post, but my company is very sensitive regarding what is posted on our wall. As of right now, the post does not show up on the Page’s wall or in the news feed of people who like the Page. Would you let me know how tagging works for Facebook Pages, as it seems to be different from personal profiles? Also, is there a way to review tags and approve them before they are posted?

Facebook Tagging Overview

Facebook Tagging - How it works for Timelines & Pages
Facebook Tagging – How it works for Timelines & Pages

Facebook tagging links a person, Page, or place to something you post, like a status update, photo or app activity. Tagging is a useful feature because it:

  • Notifies a friend or Page when you post something that pertains to them, letting them know that they were mentioned;
  • Makes the post more visible because it appears in the news feed and timeline of the friend or Page you tagged (if the person has set the post to be visible to friends or public).

When a friend or Page is notified that they have been tagged, it increases engagement because they are more likely to comment on or like the activity in which they have been tagged. Without tagging, you could post a nice comment but your friend or the Page owners may never know they were mentioned. However, since your entire post including associated comments is automatically posted onto the wall of whichever friend/Page is tagged, there is an unspoken etiquette of Facebook Tagging that you need to understand.

Facebook Tagging for Timelines

When someone tags your personal profile (timeline), you have control about how you handle tags. You can turn on Tag Review in your privacy settings to ensure you always approve a tag.

If you don’t want to restrict people, you do have many options if someone tags you unfavorably.

Facebook Tagging for Pages

Only Pages within the Brands & Products or People categories can be tagged in photos. In addition, the privacy of the photo is always respected when a Page is tagged in a photo. If a photo is published to “everyone”, then it can appear publicly on the Photos tab of the Page and the admins can see it.

Since Masterful Marketing’s Page is in the Brand or Product category, I was able to tag my page in a photo and a comment.

Facebook Page Post Metrics
Facebook Page Post Metrics

Facebook Page Photo Tagging

I took a screenshot as I hovered over the image and you can see that I tagged my laptop. I also received notification in the Admin Panel of these events.

Facebook page tagging notification

The photo was visible on the Page under the photos area, but not on the timeline.

Photo Tagging for Pages (click to enlarge)
Photo Tagging for Pages (click to enlarge)

The layout of the photos section of your Page Timeline has your albums on top and tagged photos below.

Tagging in posts show up on your timeline. Below is a post where I tagged the MH Paint Works Page and note that the post is in the right column.

Facebook tagging posts

Some of these settings are editable. Go to your Admin Panel, click on the down arrow next to manage and select “Edit Page”. Then select “Manage Permissions”.

Page Tagging - Managing Permissions
Page Tagging – Managing Permissions

As a Page Admin, you can set the permissions for your Page for how you want to handle posting. To make your Page more interesting, you should allow people to post content, photos and videos to your Page.

The Post Visibility section enables you to put posts by others at the top of the right column on the timeline. That is what you see in the image above for MH Paint Works – my post in the right column.

Plus you can restrict people from tagging photos that you post.

Pages Tagging other Pages

Tagging a Page from another Page is a nice way to promote other brands in which you may have a relationship, but to do so, you need to be using Facebook as your Page. To change to your Page, click on the down arrow next to home and select your Page:

Using Facebook as a Page
Using Facebook as a Page

Once you have done that, you can tag another Page in a post.

Facebook Page Tagging another Page
Facebook Page Tagging another Page

I have not found any type of Tag Review for Pages as there is for Timelines. Admins need to be aware of what is going on with tagging and monitor the activity to avoid any issues.

Have I missed any features of tagging for Timelines and Pages? Have you taken advantage of tagging to increase visibility for your Facebook Page?

Note: Please read the updated post: Facebook Page Tagging – An Update. If your question isn’t answered, please comment on that post. Many thanks!

43 thoughts on “Facebook Tagging – How it Works for Timelines and Pages”

  1. I tagged a friend in a status but its not on his timeline & hes not online either, so does this mean he needs to approve it first? & if he does, will I know If he denies the post? help!

    • Jane,

      Most likely he set up approvals. You will not get any notifications if your tag isn’t approved for the timeline.


  2. The problem i’m having is that sometimes other pages tag my page, but I don’t get notified and i’ll end up finding the status update with my tag in it on accident. Why don’t I always get notified when someone/another page tags my page?

  3. Hey! I went through your page and several others trying to find out why I can’t tag other pages to my page. I followed all the steps but I still can’t tag anything. A few days ago it was fine when I would do @[their id number:0] but now I get a question mark when I post it. I have changed my facebook settings, the page settings and I still can’t get it to work. Do you know what I can do to get this to work?

    • Try to tag pages using the page name – i.e. tagging my page would would only require you to type in @Masterful and my page will come up in the drop down list of matches.

  4. First, I would make sure you have plenty of admins for your pages so you don’t lose access. You should all have personal Facebook profiles which should like and be made admins.

    Then if you choose to convert your personal profile to a Page, what the user name is I’m not sure. It may stay as KesariPsa but you might be able to change it depending on the number of fans that it has when it is converted. I do know that Pages can change the username once as long as you don’t have over 100 fans.

    Hope this helps.

  5. i really need help! i am d admin of a compliments page, i want to tag my friends which are on my friend list on the compliments dey have got as myself and not as a page!!! i cannot tag anyone on dis page but own my own profile i can tag all my friends…. plz help!!!!

    • Soniya,

      You need to use your page as yourself and then you can tag your friends. Using Facebook as the Page, you cannot tag your friends. Pages can only tag pages.

  6. Hi! Yes there is something you left out! Something I didn’t know how people did for a long time:

    Tagging personal profiles in page posts.

    If you are using FB as your page trying to post sg, after typing “@” only pages are offered, no people. BUT! If you post a picture, open it, edit it, then after typing “@” you will be offered your friends names!
    Note that it doesn’t work with text updates, since those can’t be edited.
    Have fun!

  7. Hi! Yes there is something you left out! Something I didn’t know how people did for a long time:

    Tagging personal profiles in page posts.

    If you are using FB as your page trying to post sg, after typing “@” only pages are offered, no people. BUT! If you post a picture, open it, edit it, then after typing “@” you will be offered your friends names!
    Note that it doesn’t work with text updates, since those can’t be edited.
    Have fun!

  8. I used to be able to tag other pages from my page and it would show up on their timelines but this stopped working a few months ago. I can still tag them, but my posts are no where to be found on their timelines. Does anyone know why this may have suddenly changed in the last half year or so?

    • I just found this page after hours of trying to find a solution. I still haven’t figured it out. I have a page that I admin and I want to promote someone else and gain exposure. I can tag another page, but it does NOT show up in their feed. Did you find a solution?

      • Josh, if you tag a page, it shows up in the “Posts by Others” and the admin can choose to show it on the timeline. If you click the little X in the top right corner and you get a menu where you can select show on page.

        Hope this helps.

        • Hi All,

          I’m not sure if this has changed since you posted
          Debra! Clients have been tagging my page in status updates on their pages
          thanking me for my photography work, and I get neither a notification or a post on
          my timeline with this tag, and feel quite unprofessional for not
          thanking them for the plug! I have done everything you have suggested in
          the article including changing my page type to Brand despite it being a
          local business :( There is also no ‘cross’ in the corner of the ‘posts
          by others’ section allowing me to select what is shown. The only way I find out about the tag is by seeing it on their page whilst browsing. Can you help? Fingers crossed! :)

  9. My page was tagged by another page, but I wasn’t notified. Is there an option that I need to tik to get notifications when I’m tagged by someone else (user or page) or is it some kind of glitch of Facebook?

  10. My page was tagged by another page, but I wasn’t notified. Is there an option that I need to tik to get notifications when I’m tagged by someone else (user or page) or is it some kind of glitch of Facebook?

  11. Hey Debra, I tagged my friend in a photo and it shows that she is still tagged in the photo and she commented on the photo, but the photo doesn’t show up on her timeline or her photos that she is tagged in. Did she dismiss the tag?

  12. That’s correct – posts by others are not interspersed onto the timeline by default. What you can do is to post individuals onto the timeline by doing the following:

    – switch to using Facebook as your page
    – click on the “see all” for posts by others
    – in the top right corner of each of the posts, there is a little X that says remove – it actually doesn’t – click it
    – select “allowed on page” and if it a really good post, you can highlight it (make it big across two columns)

    The post will now appear in both posts by others and on the timeline in the correct location by date.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Anybody has an idea if there is a way to set photo album privacy so it is visible only to friends of the tagged person? When you set the settings and choose “friends”, a checkbox “friends of a tagged persons” appears, but you cannot do JUST this so the photos would not be accessible for your friends, if you don’t want them so. Settings the privacy to “just me” or just the name of the tagged person would also make it invisible for anybody else right?

  14. Can you please tell me why other people would want to tag themselves in a picture that they are not in? My niece just passed away and I posted a beautiful picture of her on my on my FB page. All her friends are asking for permission to tag themselves in the photo, but they aren’t in the photo, it’s just a picture of my niece. I said yes to a few but now when you run your mouse over the photo, their names come up….I’m very confused!

    • Sherry,

      I am very sorry for your loss. I understand it seems strange for someone to want to be tagged in a photo that is not them, however by tagging themselves or being tagged in this picture of your niece, they then have that picture on their timeline and saved in their photo stream under pictures of themselves. It’s their way of showing respect and keeping your niece close by. Plus you then see all of her friends when you hover as a memorial to her.

      I hope this helps,

  15. To all who have asked a question about why their Facebook page tagging isn’t working, I’m looking into why. I have found a couple of interesting tips:

    1. If you haven’t claimed a username for your page, tagging is disabled
    2. If you selected the Facebook option to disallow others’ posts — but not others’
    comments — on your page, it is possible that Facebook assumed you
    were spam and placed your post in the business’s Hidden Posts section.

    This means even if you have selected the option on the “Manage Permissions” page as everyone can post, make sure the visibility for posts by others is set to visible.

    If anyone else can shed light onto why Facebook page tagging works or doesn’t please post it here.

    • Hi Debra, Thanks for the info. I’ve followed all of this. Does the fan have to publish their question or photo with the tag as “public” to be seen by the page admin? Or does Facebook consider a fan page a friend and thus provide the admin with a notice? I’ve been testing this and running into problems. From what I can tell if the fan does not publish the post or photo as “public” the page admin will not be notified. For a page admin, I think it’s going to be tought to get fans to select “public” with photos and posts so we’re in the dark. Any suggestions? .

      • Hi Quentin,

        There are no notices of tagging. The only place you can see the tag is on the photo itself. Open the photo stream, look at the first tab (there are three along the top) and the first one is “Photos of xxx” which are the photos in which the page was tagged. Open a photo and you will see who was tagged in the photo.

        As for posts, those may show up under notifications but you might also have to look to see if the post was hidden because Facebook thought the post was spam. If the post shows in notifications but not in the posts by others, there is a dropdown that will show you if it was blocked.

        Hope this helps.

    • Debra-
      I’ve tried all of this and even when I tag another page I manage the tag doesn’t show up. Please help!

  16. I cannot seem to get notified when someone tags my PAGE in a post. I have changed my notification settings, I have looked EVERYWHERE! any ideas?

  17. FB tagging is still one of the most confusing functions to me.

    A question, which I hope is related enough to belong here…

    I spent quite a bit of time trying to change the “app icon image” for the “Photos” link on both my Profile and on a Fan Page. There isn’t an “Edit” available for that icon as there is for others.

    I tried so many steps, and finally managed it on both the Profile and Page, but I don’t know what it was that actually “worked”.

    I think it had to do with uploading the icon and then “tagging” it with “me”, on the Profile. And on the Page it seemed I just uploaded the image to a new album and it was then used as the “Photos” icon.

    I finished the whole experience not really sure what step(s) made it work, but reluctant to try to duplicate it, for fear of losing the icon image I want to use.

    You can see it on my Profile http:/facebook.com/leesr

    (Just a simple “Photos” icon)

    Can you comment on the proper/correct way to manage the “Photos” icon for Profiles and Pages.

    Is it “tag” controled/related ?

    Thanks in advance for any response.

    Lee Sr.

    • Ok so this isn’t about tagging – no worries. You can’t change the icon for the Photos tab on your page or profile as it shows the most recent photo that you uploaded. You can only change the icons for other tabs such as your blog if you syndicate it through NetworkedBlogs or your sign up form if you use MailChimp.

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