Facebook Business Accounts

Recently, a lot of people have asked me about using a Facebook Business Account rather than a Facebook Personal Account to create a Facebook Page for their business. Please note that a Business Account is not the same as a Business Page. People are totally confusing the two and generating a LOT of misinformation about this topic.

Business accounts are designed for individuals who only want to use the site to administer Facebook Pages and their ad campaigns. They have limited access to information on the site and they cannot be found in search, cannot send or receive friend requests.

Having read this information, I had assumed a business account would enable businesses to create Pages that were disassociated from current employees. Once the Page was created, they could then get employees to become fans, which would make them eligible to be Page administrators. This would be logical as employees come and go and using a business account to be the creator of the Page would provide a way for the Facebook Page to remain associated with the business and not some former employee.

So, although it sounds like a logical alternative for larger businesses and organizations with employees, I don’t think this is the case.

Why would having a Facebook Business Account that did what logic would imply be so important?

  • At this time there is no way to transfer or remove the creator of the Facebook Page. Whoever creates the page remains the owner. Kimberly Yow wrote a very complete post on Unlinking A Facebook Fan Page From Your Personal Account, so I won’t go into gory detail here.
  • In the Facebook Help discussion forums, there is a thread titled “Transferring a page to new ownership?” that was posted at the beginning of April. Since then, a total of 166 people have requested a solution to this challenge. And so far, no one has an answer.

I do understand the rationale for making the creator a permanent administrator from a security perspective. A business with a disgruntled employee who was a Page admin could delete the originator and other admins and take over the Page. But businesses need a way to create a Page that is autonomous from any employees’ personal profiles.

According to Facebook’s policy, if you already have an indvidual account, you are not allowed to set up a business account. In addition, a business account does have all the features of a personal profile account in Facebook.

From Facebook help:

Business accounts are designed for individuals who only want to use the site to administer Pages and their ad campaigns. For this reason, business accounts do not have the same functionality as personal accounts. Business accounts have limited access to information on the site. An individual with a business account can view all the Pages and Social Ads that they have created, however they will not be able to view the profiles of users on the site or other content on the site that does not live on the Pages they administer.

You will not be able add any other applications to your business account. Your account will not be visible in search and other users on the site will not be able to find you and add you as a friend.

You may create a business account if you don’t already have a standard Facebook account. To get started, you will need to first create a Facebook Ad or Facebook Page. Once you’ve entered in the required information, you will be taken to the “Facebook Login” page and asked if you have a Facebook account. If you do not currently have a Facebook account, then at this point, please select “I do not have a Facebook account.” You will then need to enter your email address and date of birth.

Please be aware that managing multiple accounts is a serious violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. If we determine that an individual has more than one account, we reserve the right to terminate all of their accounts.

So although logically a Business Account looks to be the proper mechanism for creating a Business Page that is associated with the business and not a personal profile, I can’t find any place that discusses its use in this way.

So, the major question that needs to be answered really soon by Facebook themselves is:

How does a business create a Facebook Business Page so it is NOT associated with someone’s personal profile who may someday leave the company but can be easily administered by current employees?

But until we have the answer to that question, proceed with caution if you do decide to use a Facebook Business Account.

If anyone has actually used a Business Account to create a Facebook Business Page successfully and can share their knowledge, please begin a discussion here in the comments or on the Masterful Marketing Business Page in the discussion tab so we can all benefit from your experiences!

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  1. Hi Debra. I’m starting a company this year. The problem is, it’s against company policy to have two jobs. I currently have a personal Facebook page and I’m friends with some of my coworkers. Is it possible to have a business page and only allow a select number of my Facebook friends know the business page is mine?

    • Hi Chris,

      If the page is not in your name, then no one would know it is you unless you tell them. The best thing to do is make sure your company name is not your name and market the business without revealing that you are the owner. No one will know you are the administrator of the page. As for letting only a select number of your Facebook friends know, unfortunately you would have to do that via word of mouth not on Facebook itself. Pages are visible to everybody.

      Hope this helps

  2. Hi Debra,

    Can you help? Someone else set up my facebook page using their personal account. They have left the business and given me an incorrect password for the page so I am unable to add myself as an admin – I cannot access the page and it has over 3,000 fans. Can I get it back?

    • Hi Deb, Unfortunately there is no password for your Facebook page. Pages are created by people using their personal profiles. So, the person who left needs to make you an admin from their personal profile. You need to contact them and ask them to do that. This is why I always advise business owners to make sure they are an admin, you have multiple admins and you trust them not to do anything malicious.

  3. My company has a business page that is tied to a former coworkers personal account. How do we change the login information and tie it to the new administrator? Please help!!!

    • Kristina,

      There is no login information for your Facebook business page. Admins are added from their personal profiles. You need to always have more than one admin for your page just in case this happens. Your former coworker needs to add you or someone else at the company to the page as an admin. You must administer pages from a personal account.

      Hope this helps

      • It definitely does. Is there anyway to remove her as an admin once a new one has been added and change the account that it is tied to? Ty so very much for your help!

        • Hi Kristina,

          Once you have another admin in place, removing her personal profile from the admin list removes all ties to her. She could remove herself and strand the page so that is why I always recommend that there is more than one admin. In the event your personal profile gets disabled, you always have another way of accessing the page.

          So get you and someone else established as an admin and make sure you always have a backup admin just in case.


          • Debra, page saved! Thank you so much! I will be following you for move info for sure!

  4. I have a personal fb profile but my employee created a new profile so that a business page was created. Is that permissible? I’m not totally sure. Was that considered a business account then?

    I transferred admin of the business page to my personal profile and deleted the profile which produced the business page. However, I am still able to log onto that profile even tho it was deleted.

    I made my employee the editor but she is skeptical to log on under her personal profile…doesn’t want any chance of mixing the two.

    How should this be handled?

    • Regina,

      Personal profiles are for people. Business pages are for businesses. A person has to have a personal profile to be an editor or an admin of a business page. Nothing will get mixed up. I am the admin for about 30 pages for clients (as a backup – I could never manage that many pages regularly!).

      I’m not sure of what happened as deleting a business account should not have created a business page. Adding your personal profile to the page as an admin is the correct thing to do. You should also do that with your employee as an editor. No one will know she is an editor.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Hello,
    My issue is that I can’t add a particular person as admin of my facebook page. When I am trying to add him I got an error message like this “Add Page Admin Feature Limit , The user you are trying to add as a page administrator has been temporarily blocked from administering pages.” But I can add him as admin for other pages. The issue facing for only one page. Is there any solution for this issue..please reply.

  6. Hi, i have a personal Facebook account. I have recently started an online business and have created a new business page individually. This business page is not linked to my personal account. Now, I am not able to login to my business page. When I am trying to into my facebook business page, it shows that i need to linkit either to my personal profile or has to linked to my personal profile and create a business manager account (if at all I have another person to work for the page). Now my question is:

    1. After linking this individual business page to my personal profile, will my company lose its identity in ‘Search’? Will people be able to still find this business page by my company’s name?

    2. Will the customers or people who like my page, be able to view my personal profile as well?

    3. I don’t want public to view my notifications and personal posts and I don’t want people in my friend’s list to get notifications or see what i am upto in my business page. Is it possible?

    4. Will people know that I am the page admin after linking up my personal and business page? Will I have the same privacy after linking to my business page?

    5. What if I add another person and make it a business manager account? Will it be the same as the personal profile linking?

    6. I don’t want my business page to get deleted. What is the solution?

    7. Will i get a friend’s list to my business page after linking to my personal account?

    I’m so sorry for so many doubts, but couldn’t help. It’s really so confusing and I don’t want to mess uo my personal account with bussiness. Please Help. Looking forward for a good solution.


    • Hi Bhargavi,

      1. No – your Facebook business page is a unique entity
      2. No – your personal profile is behind the scenes – you are an admin and you can post only as the page
      3. Yes, that is how it works
      4. No – your personal privacy has nothing to do with your business page
      5. Yes, you have to link someone else’s personal profile to the page for them to be an admin
      6. Work within the Terms of Service of Facebook. They will not delete your page – if you violate their TOS they could disable it but you can appeal.
      7. No people friend people, people like businesses – they are two different things.

      I personally am a manager of about 20 Facebook pages for various clients – no one knows that I am.

      Hope this helps.

  7. We were asked by a client to create a Business Manager account, which we did. I created one as an Ad Agency (b/c we are), but we will not be creating ads for this client. We will be doing event invites from their page, which they gave us access to, but I cannot seem to navigate to the Events creation tab from our Business Manager home page. I can’t find answers anywhere. I see the customer’s name and ID, but when I click on it, the only choices it gives me are to create and/or edit ads. Any suggestions?

  8. Hope you can help. I have a business page – local business on fb, I don’t want to specify a price range, don’t have a website and don’t have menu. Is there any way to hide this options from the about section on my timeline. I can’t find settings to do it. I rather have my email address there, which doesn’t appear.
    Also I choose 5 top liked by this page and there is no result whatsoever on the timeline, the last 5 likes appear there instead. Thank you

    • Nessie,

      I’m not sure what your business is so it is hard for me to provide advice. If you are a local business, FB assumes you have hours, prices etc that those who may want to visit and check in would want to know. There is no way to hide these fields – just leave them empty. You may want to consider a different category that does not include these options.

      I’m not sure what you are asking regarding the 5 top liked. Top liked what?

      If you want to post your Facebook page link I can take a look at some point.


  9. I was hoping someone could help. My coworker had set up a page for our foundation and is no longer working with us and did not leave us any information. We have tried so many different ways to figure out the email/password linked to the account and have been unsuccessful. There is no phone number or email to contact Facebook for help so I was hoping someone here may be able to assist.

  10. hi someone hacked my id and now i am having a gray account please help me i want my personal facebook id back please i am crying i changed the password everything is ok but i need my personal account

    • Hi Khuzaifa – unfortunately I cannot help you. You need to contact Facebook to get your personal profile reactivated. Sorry – hope this all works out!

  11. This is great information Debra. I want to create a business page for a client my main question is how can I make the vanity URL without adding the “page” directory. In other words I want it to look like the following,.

    Any suggestions?

    • Paul, go to the About section where you can set the web address of your page (used to be called username but it has recently changed).

  12. Hi,

    My company recently had an employee leave who created our Facebook business page through her personal account. That individual must have changed the password before the company could do anything as those who are page admins cannot access the page.

    How can we get back control of the page (including changing username and password) without losing the current page and information?

    • Hi Mary – this is always a difficult situation as page managers need to be trustworthy people. She must have disabled all the admins if you can’t access the Page as there is not password associated with the page. You should contact her and ask to be reinstated as an admin. If she refuses, then you need to contact Facebook and try to get control of the page.

  13. Hi Jason,

    According to the Facebook terms of service, you can only have one Facebook account. Since you have a personal account, you shouldn’t have a business account. Business accounts are only available to those who don’t want a personal account but do need to manage a Facebook page. They really don’t have any other use. You should make your personal account an Admin of the page and eliminate the business account. No one knows who the admins are on Pages so it does not make sense to have both.


  14. My first job straight out of undergrad was at a small organization where I was a contractor (big mistake…because I didn’t understand what it meant to be a contractor) working on the organization’s social media presence(among other things). I was instructed to create a facebook page that would be linked to the company’s page, so that I could update the company’s fan page and interact with the organizations market/clients on my page. I befriended people and everything…which, by reading some of your replies to comments, I see is against facebook’s rules(I didnt not know this at the time).

    I made some professional contacts on this facebook page and I want to keep using it as my professional facebook page. I also want to put it on my resume so that potential employers can see that I was a successful brand ambassador. My concern is that some of my post show my old facebook name(that included the organization’s name) when people tagged me. Can the organization take legal action against me if I keep this page up? When I decided to leave that organization, my boss and i discussed my facebook page(previously used to promote the company’s brand). My boss told me to just change my page’s name, which I did, and that I could keep it up. My boss did not tell me to make my post private. These post are still public and they allude to the fact that I used to work for my old employer. Does it help if I mention that my contract gave me full rights to everything I created for the company, but allows the company to continue using everything I created?

    Maybe I should talk to a lawyer about this lol, but I’d appreciate any help that you are able to provide. :)

    • I’m a bit confused. If you have a Facebook Personal Profile, there is nothing that prohibits you from friending people. If it is a business account, you don’t have the ability to friend folks so I would assume you created a personal profile. If it is a business page, you can like other pages, but there are no friends.

      The question is was the profile in your name? If so, it’s your profile. Just because you were managing the company Facebook page has nothing to do with what you post on your own timeline personally. What you posted on the company page is ok too as you were representing the company at the time of the posts. I assume they weren’t anything embarrassing.

      In the second paragraph, are you referring to a page or profile? Once you change the name of your profile, all posts reflect the change. Same holds true of a business page – if you have changed the name, the profile picture, etc. it should be showing the updated name and image in all posts historically.

      I don’t see an issue as there are people who post as managers on company pages and then leave companies. But you might want to seek guidance from someone in the legal profession.

  15. Hi Debra,

    my ads account was disabled permanently, so I would like to have a business account. Could you please help me. Thanks

  16. dear madam i created business account on facebook on 19th of Mach. after a day my account was temporarily block. when i login its request for identification of you friends. plz madam tell me the way i recover my existing account.
    thanks. looking for your quick reply
    ismail khan

    • Isamil,

      First, it is recommended that you create a Facebook Page from a Facebook Profile as there are many features you get that a business account does not. So the fact that a business account was temporarily blocked may not be a problem.

      However, because it is asking for friends, I suspect you are using the term business account but did you actually create a personal profile in a business name? If that is the case, that is against the Facebook terms of service.

      If you have a personal profile, did you try to create another personal profile in a business name? If you did that also is against the Facebook terms of service.

      Unfortunately it is difficult for me to know exactly what got the account blocked because I am not sure what type of account you actually created or what you did to get it blocked. There are many factors that can result in an account being blocked.

      For more information, try https://www.facebook.com/help/community/search/?query=business%20account%20blocked – there are a number of questions and answers on the topic.

      Hope this helps.

  17. I established a fb page for my daughters school (upon director request). THEN, nothing ever became of it. I was never given any information to post on the page. I forgot about it. We moved and I can’t even find any of the email/password information that I surely recorded for the page. Now, the director would like to start using the page. I can’t access it. Any advice?

    • Hi Melissa,

      If the Page is totally inactive and you can’t find the login information (I’m assuming you created it using a Facebook Business Account vs your personal profile) then I would suggest they just start over. If you had a lot of fans and activity, that would be different but trying to recover an inactive page will be more challenging than just creating a new page for the school. If you ever do figure out how to login to the original page, you can just delete it.

      Let me know if I missed something but that is what I would do.

  18. I am trying to create a business page for my sister’s business and facebook keeps saying that I am ineligable for a page…why is this????

  19. I am completely confused on how business pages work. I created a business page thru my personal FB account months ago. I have added pictures of my work etc. The problem I have is when I add a link to my website for people to see my business page all of my personal information shows up. Is there a way to seperate the two so that only my business page and its’ information show up?

    • Hi Troy,

      I’m not sure what personal information shows up. If you go to my Facebook Page Like Box on this website, you only get my Page information. Are you sure you are linking to your business page or are you linking to your personal profile? If you want to provide me the link to your website, I’ll check it out.

  20. Me and the other admin user to the page have sent out request to some of our friends to like our page. However speaking to these people, it seems that no one recieved the request. Now however I cannot resent this request as Facebook does not allow me to.

    Any idea on how to resent to friends?

    • Unfortunately you can’t resend a request to friends. Ask your friends to look in their Messages area under other – I’m getting a lot of spam messages there lately. The request to like a page could go there. If not, this is not unique to you. Others have had this issue and we’re not sure where the request goes.

      Let me know if you find out anything different.


  21. Ok … so I just created a Business Page for a client from my Profile Account, why is it that when I insert my client´s profile picture in the Page I´m creating, I get my Profile Picture also changed with the same image?. I deleted it and changed it back to the original image I had before but what´s the reason why this happens??
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Carolina,

      When you change the profile picture on a Facebook Page (the square one on the new timeline), are you referring to the thumbnail you are now seeing when you post to the page? If so, that is you posting as the page. Facebook does not change your personal profile picture when you do this on the page. There are sometimes quirks with images that sometimes deleting the image and reuploading takes care of.

  22. Hi Debra,

    Just a quick note to congratulate on having such a great page here.  I’ve spent days trawling blogs and facebook help pages trying to fully understand how to set up a business page and keep it distinct from my personal account etc.  The Q&A in the comments has been invaluable.  Keep up the good work.  Facebook should link to this page! :)

  23. Hi Debra,
    I’ve created a Facebook page for my company. Recently, we were tagged in a post by another company. There was nothing inflammatory about the post, but my company is very sensitive regarding what is posted on our wall. As of right now, the post does not show up on the page’s wall or in the Newsfeed of people who like the page. Would you let me know how tagging works for Facebook pages, as it seems to be different from personal profiles? Also, is there a way to ‘review’ tags and approve them before they are posted? I found a way to do this with my personal profile but not with the business page.
    Thank you!

  24. Hello Debra, 
    Thank you for such helpful information here!. I´m going to ask you something that you´ve answered over and over again!!. But I guess I need to ask about it myself. (maybe there´s been a recent change or something…)- To create a Facebook Page for a client, there is no need for them to create an account themselves (they have no presence in Facebook yet)- Should I create the Page through my Personal Profile being them able to remove me as an admin if they wish in the future?- How do they remove me if they haven´t got an account…Second situation: A client has a Personal Profile with his Business name. What would be the correct advice for him: – Delete the actual Personal Profile (with business name)- Create a new Personal Profile (name and last name)- Create a Facebook PageThank you so much. Appreciate your help and patience.Carolina

    • Hello Carolina,

      1. Yes, go ahead and create the page for your client from your personal Facebook profile. You can be removed but another admin at any time.

      2. Rename the personal profile to his personal name and create a Facebook Page under his business name. I see this happen all the time. Depending on the number of friends (i.e. fans really), he may be able to convert the personal profile into a Page. There has been some negative to this process so research it first. If it were my client, I’d rename the personal page to be me, create a Facebook Page and then invite my friends to become fans.

      Good luck.

  25. Hi,

    I have created a business page through my personal account but it doesn’t come up when I type it in to the search bar. I want to be able to get people to access the page and ‘like’ it as fans but can’t do this as it doesn’t come up when searching for the name – istylephotography. I have over 30 fans so this is the problem. If you could give me any insight on how to fix this problem that would be great.

    Thank you

    • Hi – I found a personal profile associated with the name istylephotography. Could be why you aren’t showing up. If you have over 30 fans, you should get a username for your page. That helps you promote your page more effectively.

      Pages sometimes do take a little while to show up in the search results on Facebook. Work on engagement with your fans and you will find your page will begin showing up in the results.

  26. Hi there

    I have a question. I have a personal profile for myself. I created a business page and you can get to it from my website but when I search for it in Facebook it doesn’t appear? When I search on the Internet for it it doesn’t appear? If some is friends with me they can find it. Just wondering why it is not showing up?

    • Hello,

      Sometimes it takes a little while for your Facebook page to become visible in Facebook’s search. As for Internet search through a search engine, that takes time for you Facebook page to show up in the results based on keyword searches, just like it does your website.

      So to get your Facebook Page to be visible, you must be active – invite people to like your page, post regularly, invite engagement, etc.

  27. Ok here goes, I hope I make this clear. I “had” a personal profile and set up a fan page both of which I used for business. Last night I decided to take advantage of FB’s ability to transfer friends to fans. Problem is It transferred them over to what appears to be a business account. I can administrate the old page not problem from a different profile, but this new one that i transferred has my 695 fans in it http://www.facebook.com/pages/Berries-Coffeeshop/114674081994523. when i log in i come to a Facebook adverts page and can’t access wall etc. If i paste my url above into browser i can get my wall and write posts see fans etc but as soon as i hit Facebook i return to advertising page. I want to be able to administer page form a personal profile so i suppose looking to rester business account to personal account hope this all make sense :(((((

    • Hi,

      If your personal profile was in the name of your business, you did the right thing conceptually. However, I’d suggest you read this: https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=213602951994043 and the last question is how to appeal to Facebook to turn your page back into a personal profile if that is what you want to do. However, you could create a real personal profile (timeline) for yourself and make sure you are the administrator of both your pages.

      Then I would also then look to see if there is a way to merge duplicate pages to merge your old page into your new one. That feature exists but it may take some time for it to appear on your new page.

      Hope this helps.

  28. Hi Debra
    Now that I have a business page set for my client, I want to have users like it, but since I don’t want to invite my friends to like it (I wish to keep the page and my personal profile separate), how do I go about doing it? I have a list of facebook users that I want to approach (none is my friend) but when I use facebook as my business page, and go to a page of any of the users on my list, I no longer have the option to recommend the page to them or otherwise have them consider liking it.How than one can aproach these users, while using facebook as the busiess page in question, and invite them to like the page?

    • Yoya, you do have a challenge here. I didn’t invited anyone on Facebook to like my page other than a few business colleagues who were connected with me but I have grown to 500+ fans organically. I would suggest you get a like box on your Website and drive people to your site with other online marketing techniques. Start posting interesting content on your page, blog and be sure to include the link to your Page in your signature and RSS feed. Since I don’t really know what the business is about and why you don’t want to be associated with it, it’s hard to recommend other strategies.

      • Thanks, Debra. It is a challenge indeed. So the way to go to organically add likes to a Page is:
        like box on website homepage
        Posting interesting content (how will users be exposed to that content if the page is not on their feed in the 1st place?)
        Add link to Page in email signature RSS etc

        My personal FB profile should be separate from my client’s Page (NGO providing business services) because I’m not their employee, I am a Page admin for other clients, and I do not think it is right to utilize my personal / family contacts in order to promote an unrelated business.

        Anything else I can do to get more likes organically?

        • Hello again,

          Users will get exposure to your content on your Facebook page when they land there from you posting. You can add the stream to your like box on your website so if someone comes to your site, they will see the activity on the Facebook Page. Again, not knowing what your business is, it is hard for me to say what really will work. See for me, I want everyone to get to my website eventually so all the social media activity is me attracting people so at some point they will head on over here. I syndicate my blog to a few sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and to syndication sites. All of this is to create a larger digital footprint for your business. One way I grew my subscribers was by attending conferences. Most will set up a Facebook or LinkedIn group and I introduce myself there. But again, not sure that will work for you. You have to find every opportunity to make your business visible.

  29. Hello Debra

    Still confused..

    How is it that GM for example created a Facebook Business “profile”.. Was it created with a Personal Profile and then a Page? And if so how is it we can see the Business page but not the personal page..which is of course what we would also like to do

    • Hi Dan,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      People who are logged into Facebook as a user can create Facebook pages. The fact you create the page doesn’t associated it with your personal profile. Your personal profile and that Facebook page you created aren’t tied together – you however, are the admin of the page you created. Others can be made an admin but the page is not associated with their personal profiles either. I’ve created about 20 Facebook pages but my personal profile is not associated with them in any way, including my own Facebook Page!

      Does this help?

  30. Hi
    Does anyone know if Facebook Business Accounts still require the verification process using a mobile phone etc.
    Cheers Jordan

    • Hi Jordan,

      Unfortunately I rarely use Business Accounts as I feel they are unnecessary given that now you can create pages and transfer ownership very easily from your personal profile. Maybe someone else has the answer. I did a quick search on Facebook but they don’t go into details about creating business accounts.


  31. Hi
    I am a complete novoice at this..sorry if you have covered this but i need you help

    I have a personal account on facebook and want to set up a business page/account on FB.

    I own the business but do not want my poersoal account to be linked to the business account/page as i do not want relatives etc to know what I do…what is the best way of doing this…sorry to reask but it ias all confusing for me…

    • Yogi,

      A Facebook Page is an entity on Facebook that is created by a personal profile but is in no way associated with that profile other than you are the administrator.

      Log into your personal profile, go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and create the page for your business.

      If you don’t like the page from your personal profile, no one will know you are associated with it. However, you lose the visibility to your friends that you get as a fan of your own page.

      But if you truly need to be hidden, then this is how you do it.

      Hope this helps.

      • thks that helps…but do we say we have an account…i do not understand what you mean by ‘If you don’t like the page from your personal profile’

        • Hi Yogi,

          When you create a page in Facebook, you are the admin, but you are not a fan automatically. You have to “like” the page in order to become one. If you don’t, what you post to the page will not show up in your news feed.

          Hope this clarifies it.

  32. Thank you! Starting the page procedure is now clear.
    Is a business Page and a business Account both limited, just like facebook describes the limitations of a business account: “..business accounts can’t be used to add friends, send messages, or interact with other Pages. Your account will not be visible in search and other users on the site will not be able to find you and add you as a friend”.
    I can find Masterful Marketing in search so it is visible in search. I guess then that a business Page and a business Account have different functions. Can a business Page “be used to add friends, send messages, or interact with other Pages.” Because a business Account cannot apparently

    • The Facebook Page has richer functionality geared toward engaging fans. And yes, a Page is very visible to search engines (all of them).

      You can switch between using Facebook as you or as the page and you can do different things. For example, as the Page, you can go like other pages.

      Here’s how to keep things a bit clearer: you friend people, you like businesses or brands. You don’t really friend brands.

      You as an admin will always post to the Page as the Page unless you switch the settings in the “edit page” area. If you do that, you can post on the page as you, not the admin. Just remember to switch back if you want to post on the page as the page.

      If you want to use Facebook as the page, the link to switch is at the top right (under the pictures of the admins).

  33. Thanks Debra.
    I’m not sure I got it yet. Should I create the organization’s page from my personal account or not?
    Should I log out of my personal account and create a new user using a new email and select a business account for the organization?
    Should I click the “I have a facebook account” when asked?
    Facebook states that: “…For example, business accounts can’t be used to add friends, send messages, or interact with other Pages. Your account will not be visible in search and other users on the site will not be able to find you and add you as a friend.”
    My organization needs this functionality to promote itself and build an online presence – if it ‘s only available to personal accounts, facebook leaves no choice but using a personal account for an organization…

    • Hi Again,

      Should I create the organization’s page from my personal account or not? – yes!

      The Page is not a personal Facebook account. A Facebook Page is an entity on Facebook that is for brands. As a person, you can create a Page from your personal profile but it has nothing to do with your personal profile other than you can administer it.

      Log into your personal profile, go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and create the page for your organization. Then like the page but you as a person will show up as a fan. Get others to like your page.

      http://facebook.com/MasterfulMarketing and https://www.facebook.com/debra.murphy have nothing to do with each other other than I created the Masterful Marketing page and made the page my employer. I have also created a number of other pages for my clients of which you would never know that I did. When they no longer need me, they can remove me as an admin (of course as long as they have another one as backup!)

      So don’t worry, you can make others in the organization admins and can be removed as an admin when you no longer need to be responsible.

  34. So what is the best way to get my client a new facebook profile? The client’s organization does not have any facebook presence. I was put in charge of creating that presence. I do have my personal facebook account which I do not want to be associated in any way with the newly created account for my client’s organization.
    Will I be violating facebook regulations by creating a login from scratch for the client’s new facebook profile using a new gmail address?
    Do I have to click the “I have a facebook account when creating a facebook account for my client? Will that associate my personal account with my client’s account?
    It seems from this thread that a Business account is too limited and would not work well for my client. Should I create a personal account for an organization then?
    Also, would I be able to transfer the admin permissions of the personal account I created for my client’s organization, so another employee can admin that account?

    • Yoya,

      Why worry about creating the page from your personal account? Now that you can remove or transfer the originator of the page, it is not a problem. Your personal profile is NOT associated with the page for your client. You are simply the admin now but you can add other admins and be removed later when you are no longer involved with that client,

      Do not create a personal account for the organization – that too is in violation of Facebook’s terms of service and if that is the only admin for the page, you could create a situation where that page could get stranded if Facebook decides to disable all of the personal profiles that are in business names.

      Facebook has given us the ability to service our clients without being tied to them forever. You can create and administer their page from your personal profile – no one will ever know. You can add other admins to the page from the organization and in time, remove yourself.

      I hope this helps.

  35. Hi, I’ve created a business page under my personal account and I would like it to be viewable by people who do not have a facebook account (like big companies’ seem to do). I’ve looked at all the settings, but cannot work out how to do it. I wondered, do I need a business account?

    • Hi Helen,

      No, a business account doesn’t provide you any additional features and in fact, are more constrained than a regular personal profile.

      I logged out of my Facebook account and was able to access by Facebook page as a non-fan (so I landed on my Welcome Tab). So I think what you want is just a feature of Facebook to ensure people can find them in the search results.

      Hope this helps.

  36. Thanks Debra!

    Is there any way to notify facebook of a page that is not actaualy a person, but is a business?? I could not find an appropriate “form” or contact in the maze FB lists…

    • Hi Vince,

      You certainly can block their information in your news feed but I’m not sure you can report them to Facebook. What I normally do, especially if I know the company, is to send a message to them explaining their “mistake” and that they should convert to a Page and move their fans before it becomes a problem. I’m not sure how many people have heeded my advice but I suppose, forewarned is forearmed!

      Keep doing the right thing. If someone in the name of a company keeps bugging me in my news feed, then eventually I’m going to tune them out. As a Page, people expect you to be sending “business” information. As a personal profile, they expect you to be a person.

      Good luck!

  37. Hi Debra, sincere thanks for sharing you help…
    More businesses are now creating “personal” accounts so they can have the ability to quickly network and gain strong “friend” numbers rather then growing them through the business “like” accounts. I know of some that have actually shut down there business account only to re-make one as a personal page. Is this just being tolerated by facebook??? It annoys the heck out of me as I do the right thing and maintain a business page while my peer organisations are forging ahead with strong networking. Only because they can target and “friend” people & other entities…. Will facebook shut them down if they are notified??? Cheers :)

    • Vince,

      When it comes to marketing your business, you should follow the terms of service put in place by Facebook. I also see people create personal profiles as a business and I politely message them warning them that you could lose all your work if Facebook does disable your account because of the TOS violation.

      The thing is, Vince, you can target other businesses from a Page (pages can like other pages) although you can’t friend people from a page – but that makes sense! You also can’t install the Facebook Like Box on your website if you don’t have a page with people liking it.

      Maintain a business page – you get higher visibility as a business, people can like your page without waiting for you to accept a friend request and truthfully, I don’t friend businesses – I like businesses.

      Keep doing the right thing and make your Facebook Page visible through social plugins, offer what your fans are looking for and you will gain over your competitors.

      Good luck!

  38. Hi All
    This has made great reading so far.

    My Problem:
    I Work for a Primary school which is already listed on facebook. I would like to take control of this listing but am a bit stuck. In the help files it suggests sending facebook an e-mail but does not give and contact details. It seems to me that facebook aren’t too keen on direct communication! Any suggestions….

    Many Thanks

    • Hello Melana,

      Sorry for the late reply – must have missed the notice in my inbox.

      To turn your Facebook Page into a Facebook Places page, you need to supply a physical address. Once you do, the page will be available via a mobile device to check in. I don’t see any way to check in from my laptop (although I may want to if I am using my laptop at the place).


  39. What does facebook means when it says you can’t add applications to your facebook business account? does that mean i can’t add those free custom tabs like i-frame, my-tab, tabpress etc. to customize my page? is it so…

    • Chirag,

      Facebook business accounts are only for creating Facebook Pages and Ads and are restricted from friending people or installing applications. They are there for people who don’t want a personal profile but do want to use Facebook to gain exposure to their business via advertising or through a Facebook Page. Do not confuse Facebook Business Accounts with Facebook Business Pages – they are not the same. So although you cannot add applications to the business account, you can add them to your Facebook pages.

  40. I started working for a new company and they’re asking me to administer the Facebook page. The only problem is the former employee is the administrator. What can I do to take over the page??

    • Hi Melana,

      I hope the former employee is a nice person or there are others who have administrative access to the Page. If there are other administrators, you just need to like the page and one of them can make you an admin. If there are no other administrators, you need to contact the former employee and ask that they make you an admin.

      Always have multiple admins for a Facebook Page! You never know when people leave companies, your personal profile gets suspended for violation of Facebook’s terms or service, or someone hacks into your personal profile and messes with you. Take precautions and always make more than one person an admin.

  41. HI… I had a personal standard Facebook account …. its covert to business and they asked me to create an Ads, I don’t know why?? and I am trying to convert back it to the standard one since I am individual … please advice

    • Hussam, are you saying you converted your personal Facebook profile to a Facebook page? I am not aware of any way to take a personal profile and turn it into a business account – only the other way – most people who created the business account to create a Facebook page have had the business account converted to a personal profile.

      If you did in fact convert your personal profile into a page, visit: https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=18918 and they provide instructions on how to submit a request to convert back.

  42. Thanks so much for your reply Debra. Hugely appreciated. 24 hours after creating the personal profile for the business page, the accounts finally connected. I then created a new Facebook profile for myself, added it as an administrator, along with another person in the organisation, and deleted the fake profile.

    One last question: how do ensure the Tweets appear on the organisation page, but not on my profile page?

    • Hi Peter, glad it worked out. Tweets will appear in your personal profile’s news feed because you are a fan of the page. To hide all the posts from your page, when one comes through your feed, hover over it and a little x appears in the corner. Click on it and it will pop up a menu – one of the options is to hide all posts from a particular person or page. If you do this, you will be able to turn them all back on by going to your privacy settings / manage blocking. This will allow you to unblock anything you’ve blocked.

  43. Hi Debra,

    I set up a business page for our community organisation. I want to use our Twitter stream as the Facebook content. However, despite trying to link to the Facebook page via Twitter and Tweetdeck, it doesn’t happen. I thought it might be because there’s no personal page attached, so on the Create Profile tab of the business page I created a fake person (I have no desire to have Facebook suck up my personal details). But now I’m stuck. Do I link Twitter to the fake person? Or what?

    • Hello Peter,

      I don’t recommend creating fake profiles in order to create a Facebook page. The privacy settings on Facebook have been strengthened over the past few months. Plus they only know what you tell them. I have omitted details about myself as well. Plus no need to link Twitter to the fake profile (if Facebook realizes it is fake, it could get disabled). Make sure you have other admins for the page in the event something does happen to that profile! Being an admin of a page does not expose you to the world.

      However, to answer your question about posting your Twitter stream to your Facebook page wall, there are a few applications that may work. Check out this post by Mari Smith: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-apps/.

      Although it was written almost a year ago, the RSS graffiti and the Selective Tweets may work. Plus there are a other apps that may enhance your Facebook page experience for your visitors. Give it a try and let me know if they work.


  44. Hi Debra ,
    I ( by chance ) changed my personal account into a business account and i don’t know how may be hacked or something like that , and i want to get my personal account again and i don’t want that business account and i don’t know how to get my personal account back .
    Thank u in advance

  45. Hello Debra,

    I’d like to get your expert advise. My client has a Facebook business page with a substantial number of likes and an active community of users posting messages. A while ago my client hired a consultant to set up (and create) a Facebook business page. Unbeknownst to my client, the consultant linked that Facebook business page to their personal Facebook account instead of to my clients personal Facebook account.

    My client would like to end its relationship with the consultant, but is concerned that if my client terminates this relationship, that the consultant would own and control my clients Facebook business page and that my client would no longer have access to it.

    My client would like to transfer ownership of the its Facebook business page from the consultant back to themselves without losing its likes and commentary they worked hard to gather. Unfortunately, I cannot find a method to achieve this.

    Can you help me solve?

    • Hi Alan,

      This hopefully will be easy for your client to accomplish since Facebook added the ability to remove the originating admin a while back. First, your client needs to become an admin of the page if they have not done so already. To do this, they like the page and the consultant needs to make them an admin. Then your client can remove the consultant as an admin and take over the page. The consultant, if they are ethical, will relinquish control without any issues. Your online presence is an asset to your business and all properties – your website, Facebook page, Google Places page, etc – all need to be created and controlled by an account owned by the business owner (that’s how I do it all for my clients). If the consultant will not make your client an admin, they need to have a serious discussion with him/her to find out why. A little pressure usually helps to get them to understand that they do not own the assets of the business.

      Hope this helps.

  46. Hi Debra
    i was wondering if there is any way to delete a review on facebook that someone has left on my business page i have reported it as spam and everything and nothing has happend and it is a false accusation about my business and i would love to delete it i have banned the person and everything but the review is still on there and i have reported it to the app but nothing if you could help i would really appreciate it thanks

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Yes, you can remove posts from your page’s wall. Hover over the post and in the top right corner there’s a little icon. Click on it and you can remove or hide the post. I’ve done that when someone posts a “get rich quick” or self promotional message on my page.

      Hope this helps.

  47. If you could please tell me what is happening here. I sign in to Facebook and it pulls up my profile for a second and Windows live pops up for me to sign in to my email and so I sign into my email and then the following pops up for me to hit yes or no to allow facebook to have access to my email contacts etc. When I hit no it just takes me right back to sign in again to email. Is it safe for me to hit yes? or is this a security issue/or hackers wanting access to my information.

    Allow access?
    Facebook needs your permission to do the following:
    Access your profile info
    Facebook will be able to see your profile info, including your name, gender, display picture, contacts, and friends.
    Access email addresses
    Facebook will have access to your and your contacts’ email addresses.
    You can change these connection settings at any time.
    If ssl.facebook.com doesn’t look like the correct web address, click No.
    Microsoft terms and privacy statement | Facebook terms and privacy statement

  48. Hi Debra,

    Thank you for this very helpful thread. I recently created a business page for my company, using a business email and password. I did not create a profile because I do not want to turn the page into a personal account. However, I cannot find a way to publish the business page. There is no link to ‘Publish the page’ even while I’m in the ‘edit the page’ tab or in settings. Do you HAVE to create a personal profile (or link the page to a personal profile) to publish? Right now, I can’t add any additional admins with personal accounts since I can’t publish the page and no one can ‘like’ it.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Mary, when the Facebook page was redesigned earlier in the year, pages now are automatically published. Just check to make sure that you don’t have the “make this page visible to only admins” checked under the manage permissions. Otherwise go search for the page and you most likely will find it. I just created a test page to make sure, and without doing anything, the page is found in the search.


  49. We are running into a problem where anyone can edit our basic information before they even like our page.

    We have also linked our business page with our places page so that anyone can now check in to our business. I’m not sure if this is a factor in this dilemma.

    • Hi Benjamin,

      That is very strange! A Facebook Business Page or Facebook Places page should not allow anyone to edit your basic information unless they are administrators. Your wall only allows posts from fans. Is that what you meant by basic info? I have checked a few Facebook Places pages that I haven’t liked and I can’t post to the wall. I checked a few others and the same.

      If you discover what is happening, please let us know. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help but I don’t think being a places page is the problem.

  50. Hi Debra,

    Hopefully you can help with this issue. I’ll give you plenty of details so you know better what occurred.

    I changed the username for a business page and now the page cannot be found with either the new username or the previous longer url.

    Is there a time-delay for the new username url to start working? It’s been a couple of hours as of now.

    Before submitting for the shorter url, I had waited to get over 25 likes.
    When I went to the Account Settings it showed no username, so I clicked on the link and entered the new one. It showed it as available and then I hit Confirm.
    Then a small message box showed as Loading…
    However it was stuck for a long time, so I let it sit just in case.
    I later refreshed the page and tried several more times with the same result.

    Then I did a search in help; and went to a different page to submit for a username. I submitted from there and I believe same thing. But when I tried again it said that the page already had a username.

    I can login to the business page and see the Settings page, and from there there is still no username showing.

    When I click on Pages it shows the logo of the page and the number of Likes, but when I click on the link for the page nothing happens and at the bottom of the browser it shows “transferring data from error.facebook.com…”
    When I click on Edit page it shows the info, but when I click on View Page it gives the message of “Page… was not found”.

    I also tried it from my personal account as admin and the page won’t show up.

    Hopefully you can shed some light on this.
    If not is there a direct Contact for help at Facebook?


    • I thought I also mention that I built a lot of links to this business page, so starting over would not be an option, and it would be a big problem to lose everything that was done.

      I just checked from within the account, I put in the search box at top of page for the username and it shows the Logo and info, but again when I click on it the message of page not found shows up.


      • RK,

        Have you been able to find your page yet? It didn’t sound like you did anything wrong. It sounded like maybe a network error or a server error. Very strange.

        If you want to send me the name of the page via email (use any form on my website) and I can check it out for you and see what is going on.

        • Hi Debra,

          I sent you an email last evening.

          As you suggested it’s probably a system error so I submitted a bug report this morning.

          Here’s the link for other people that may have issues with their own pages: http://www.facebook.com/help/?mail_sent#!/KnownIssues?v=app_4949752878

          When I type the old url in the browser it does forward to the new username url, so at least that shows that the new url is matched with the page, so they just need to fix the bug.

          Just a note of interest, one possibility is that they were testing a new address protocol, which may or may not have something to do with this problem. You can read about it here:

          Known Issues on Facebook
          June 8 is World IPv6 Day, a global-scale test flight for the next generation of Internet protocol. We are joining with other major web companies to enable IPv6 on our website for 24 hours.

          We anticipate that 99.97% of users will not be affected at all by this test. Affected users may find that pages are slow to load. Our Help Center has more information for users who may be affected: http://v4help.facebook.com/.

          Thanks and hopefully they’ll fix the problem soon.

          • Hi RK, yes I noticed that the page URL with the id does redirect to the username so it must be some type of bug that has affected your page. This is unfortunate but the good news is it is most likely a Facebook issue that they hopefully will resolve soon for you!

  51. Hi Debra,

    I am having a similar problem as Kordelia. I had a business page and then created a personal page for the business. I dont mind keeping both the pages, but the problem that i am facing now is that i cannot access (edit, add photos etc) my business page/account. When i log in, my personal pages shows up as the home page and not my business account. Earlier there used to be a tab “switch users” under account settings and also on the right hand side, but now i dont see it anymore. The only way i can go on to my business account is through the search tab. Is there a way by which i can start editing my business account again? Hope my question is clear. I really need your help!



    • Hello Lekdan,

      I’m not sure I understand your question. Did you create a Business Account or a Business Page? Or did you create a personal profile for your business?

      Creating personal profiles for your business is a major mistake with Facebook. If they notice, they will shut your personal profile with the business name down.

      Using your personal profile, create a Facebook Business Page. You can tell the difference between the two as the personal profile allows people to friend you and the business page allows people (and other pages) to like your page. It is far more beneficial to use Facebook this way.

      Business accounts do not allow you to add photos, friend people or even like pages. Business accounts are purely for those people who absolutely refuse to set up a personal profile but do want to set up a business page.

      If you can provide me with more information on what you actually created, I will try to be more helpful. The biggest challenge with Facebook is understanding the difference between a profile and a page. The darn business accounts just add to the confusion!

      So look at the account and see if you can like it or friend it. That should tell you what you have.

  52. Debra,

    Thanks for your valuable input.

    If they do phase out business accounts, would that mean that you would have to setup future business fan pages only through your personal profile as the originator and admin?


    • RK,

      I think Facebook prefers that today. I create a lot of business pages from my personal account, but can easily transfer them to the true owners by simply making them an admin and removing me as an admin. So although I’m the originator of the page, I can transfer ownership at any time. I really don’t think it is an issue anymore.

  53. Hi Debra,

    I just wanted to clarify a key point.

    I want to setup a number of business pages using the business name as the main admin and originator, and then add myself from the personal acct. as an additional admin in order to be able to work with apps on those pages.

    I had tried to create my own app from a business acct on my first business page, but the system kept pushing to use a personal acct to setup an app.

    The main purpose for this is to keep the ownership of the pages into the business name for legal reasons, particularly once the pages start to produce some income.

    It’s important to be able to keep the business and personal entities separate and distinct.

    I just want to make sure this method will work, and not somehow cause it to lose the pages later.


    • Hi RK,

      It is definitely true that business accounts cannot add applications to pages so that is why they kept pushing you to a personal profile. However, I’m getting the impression (but no substantiation) that Facebook is trying to phase out business accounts now that you can create a page and be removed as the admin when needed. Not too long ago when there was no way to remove the originating admin, that was an issue for those businesses who were held hostage by former employees. However, you can create lots of pages, add other admins and relinquish them simply by having another admin remove you. This actually works as I created a page for a client and when they decided to move on, removed me as an admin.

      What you are trying to do should work and as long as there are multiple admins on the page, if something happens to the business account, you will still have access to the page.

  54. I recently went to facebook and clicked on set up a business account. After entering information required and account was established I noticed that on my page it was asking me to find friends. Also I could not find a way to enter my Business name instead of my personal name. Not sure what went wrong and how can I fix this. I want a business account and not a personal facebook account.

    • Hello BM,

      You can only create a business account after you’ve started to set up a page or an ad. If you tried to set up a profile first, Facebook assumes you want to set up a personal profile.

      Why not set up a personal Facebook account to manage your Business Pages from? You have more flexibility and you don’t need to find friends or accept friend requests if you don’t want to.

      Hope this helps.

      • This was helpful, but I am just learning facebook and not sure what I did. I wanted to have the business name show and not personal name. Don’t know how to fix this.

        • Show where? The business account has no identity. The Facebook page is where the business name should show. Your personal account as an admin won’t appear when you post to the Page because you are posting as the admin unless you choose to post as you. This has all changed recently and can be confusing to people.

          Business account – no identity
          Page – business identity
          Profile – personal identity

          I guess I need to see what you’ve done. If you want to send me more info, go to my contact page and send me an email with more details. I’ll respond to you privately.


  55. Hi Debra,

    Thanks for providing this excellent post.

    Is it possible to setup one or more Fan Pages using a business name as the originator, and then add the personal profile only as an admin in order to be able to add apps to the Fan Page?

    Also I had setup a Facebook Page for a business without connecting it to a personal account. Can I add myself as an admin from my personal account?


    • Hi RK,

      Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.

      Why not set up the Fan Page from the personal profile directly? Now that you can remove the originator of the page (as long as there are other admins associated with it), it is no longer an issue of who sets it up.

      I’m assuming you are using a Business Account rather than a Personal Profile to set these pages up. If you like the page, you can then make yourself an admin.

      One thing about Business Accounts is that they seem to become personal profiles as soon as you want to do something with it. So rather than go through this extra effort, just create the business pages using your personal profile from the start. Then you won’t need to worry about what will happen later.

      • So for example if I had already setup a couple of business pages, I can just add myself as the admin from the new personal profile which I haven’t created yet and will do so shortly, in order to setup apps to add to those business pages?


  56. Great info here. Glad I found your site… I tried to remove an admin that created our page so that the owner of the business will have control. When I clicked to remove the admin, it asked for a password. When the owner was given admin rights, he logs in under his own facebook account, goes to the business page & clicks on the tab that says be the business page. To my knowlege, we haven’t a password. How do I remove this admin or give the owner the rights to add other admins to his page without this password? What if the creator will not cooperate in giving up this password or removing their admin?

    Thank you.

    • Hello,

      You are right, there is no password associated with the page itself. You need to be logged into your own personal profiles and be made an admin to access the page as an admin. I have no idea why it would ask for a password when you tried to remove the originating admin. I searched the Facebook help files and did not find anything even remotely close. People have been able to remove admins just by clicking. If you do figure out why this is happening, please post the answer back here for others in case they are faced with the same issue.


  57. Wow, this is a great post. I’m glad I found it. I’d like to confirm a few steps if possible.

    1. I setup a Page for a client with a new email and password just for the page
    2. They accidentally created a Profile for this email (why does fb keep pushing this on new pages)
    3. We added the clients personal fb account as an admin and removed the accidental profile as an admin.

    Q: Can we safely delete/deactivate the accidental profile and just keep the clients personal account as the admin? What email address will new post and messages go to?

    Great post.

    • Hi Rudy,

      Thanks for the nice comment.

      I’m not sure why business accounts are being converted to personal profiles, but I’m aware of someone else that had this happen. So we actually have gone through this scenario ourselves and can safely say that you can delete the converted profile without any negative affects on your business page as long as you have multiple admins. Please be sure you also assign another admin to the page just in case something happens to the client’s personal account.

      Emails for the page will go to each administrator’s primary email address/


  58. Hi Debra,

    This is the greatest blog with lots of useful information I’ve ever been!I have a question and I hope you can help me. The company I work for has a business fan page in Facebook. Recently we held a contest with photos and the people who like our page had to vote for the photos by “liking” them. At the end of the contest there were people who thought that some of the “likes” are by people who had created fake profiles just to vote. My question is: Can I check if some of the profiles who like our page are fake? How can I recognize a fake profile? Thank you very much for your help!

    • Hi Marina,

      Contests are a tricky subject with Facebook as they have very tight terms of service for contests and to avoid having your account disabled, you need to be very careful in how you run them.

      This post by Mari Smith for Social Media Examiner, http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-promotions-what-you-need-to-know/, gives you all the details of running contests. One of the most important is to ensure you administer ALL contests on Facebook via a third-party app ON the Facebook platform.

      Now to your question, I don’t believe there is a way to tell if the profiles are fake unless something glaring stands out, like no friends, no pictures, etc. I don’t know how many likes you got, but not sure it is worth the time to figure out.

  59. Debra, I created a deal for my fb business account. When I created it, it said that was pending for approval, the second day it said that it was scheduled and the third day it dissapeared and I havent seen it again. What’s the best way to create deals and pass them on to people?

  60. Does anyone know the answer to this? I cannot find anything on Facebook help. Our company recently appeared on Facebook as a “Page.” I am trying to determine if Facebook puts this page(s) up by gathering company from the internet, and then individuals can “Like” or certify that they belong to the company (to post and become admins). Or would someone other than Facebook have to set this up–ie. an employee or other person that knows of the firm. I am trying to determine how our page got started.

    • Facebook creates community pages from the information people put into their personal profiles. Therefore, if you say that you work at XYZ company, a community page was created for XYZ company. Unfortunately, this has resulted in duplicate pages for many companies. I have my official Masterful Marketing Facebook Page, but there is also a community Masterful Marketing Facebook page that is skeletal. If you search for Masterful Marketing on Facebook, you will see what I mean. I tried claiming it, which I believe I did, but I can’t do anything with it.

      The concept behind community pages is fine, the implementation is sketchy. Hopefully, Facebook will give us the opportunity to remove those pages and only keep the official pages for our companies.

  61. Debra

    First & foremost would like to thank you (x 1million) for this great website! You are a star diva!

    I have question on “Like” in the Business Page under my Personal Profile.

    When I do a post or update on the Wall, I noticed that not all People who Like my page is reached out or rather informed/updated automatically. Why is that so?

    • Hi Danielle,

      Thanks! I’m glad this blog is helpful.

      When you post on the Wall – are you referring to your Business Page wall? If so, all fans will get the update in their feed (i.e. posted on their wall) however with the latest changes to Facebook, they may not see it if they haven’t interacted with your page often. The default view is “top stories” not the most recent updates. Facebook assumes that if you interact often, you don’t want to miss a thing that person or page says. I personally wish I could set the default because I want the most recent news and would switch to the top stories when I have time.

      Let me know if this answers your question.

  62. Dear Madam
    I have a big problem i have convert my personal account that i use mostly for bussines into a page now i dont have a massages or anything else. Please help me if you know a way how to go back to my personal account
    Thank you

    • Unfortunately there is no way to convert your page back to a personal profile. That feature just became available for most of us and the warning is to not convert your personal profile unless you built it for your business by mistake and now want to have a Business Page and have all of your friends automatically become fans.

      You will have to create a personal account from scratch.


  63. Debra:
    Yours is the most helpful and clear blog (is that what this is?)that I have found so far. Thank you.

    I have created but not published three business pages. How do I delete them so as not to be banned by FB?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Why thank you for your compliment!

      You can delete your pages by going to “edit page” and under “manage permissions” you will see the “permanently delete this page” link.

      Remember that pages are separate from your personal profile and doing this will not affect your personal profile in any way.

  64. Hi

    I have set up a business page, but when I try to find it from a facebook search box it cant be found, does it take a while for the search to work.

    • Hello Wayne,

      Although I can’t say for sure, I’ve experienced the same thing when I’ve tried to search for a client’s new Facebook page. However, upon a quick search of the Facebook help section, I found this post regarding a bug:


      If a few days pass and you still can’t find your page in the search results, there is a form you can fill out.

      Hope this helps.

  65. Debra, I am sure you have answered this question probably 30x in the above (which I read one by one)but I am still not sure what I am exactly dealing with or how to change it.
    Basically we set up a face book page for our business but we (out of ignorance) made it a personal page. So people can “friend” it but they cannot “like” it.
    While many people are friending us (we publish small community newspapers) I am of the thought that we really would be better off if people could “like” our page. Which means we would need to convert our personal page into a “business page”????????????
    Does that make sense?
    If we do not seem to be having a problem getting people to friend us, do you think we should even try to change the status of the page?
    Can you change your personal page into a business page?
    Does that sound like something I should do?
    Help! btw, I think this forum is wonderful and thanks for doing it.


    • Hi Ray,

      Your situation is not unique. However, yes, you will need to transition all of your friends to a new Facebook business page. There is no way to convert your personal profile into a Page. Although they look similar they are different in the eyes of Facebook. You need to do this sooner than later as well because having a personal profile set up as a business is against the terms of service of Facebook and you may eventually be shut down.

      So the best thing you can do is get the page set up, announce it to all the friends on your personal profile and have them go like the page, and then delete the personal page.

      Hope this helps.

  66. If I want to create and manage Facebook business pages for my customers, should I create a Business Account? If so, do I need to remove my personal account to avoid violating FB Terms?

    Thank you this is a wonderful forum!

    • Hi Chris,

      No, you no longer have to worry about who creates the Facebook Business Page. If you create them for your clients under your personal account, you can make them admins and relinquish control later (i.e. they can remove you as an admin and take over the page).

      As for your personal account, do not remove it. You need it to access Business Pages.

      Business Accounts don’t appear to be needed any longer unless someone is truly unsocial and doesn’t want anyone to find and friend them! :-)

      Hope this helps.

      And thank you for the kind words!

  67. Hi Debra, I have a question that if you could help me I would be most appreciative…
    A marketing company created a Facebook Business Page for my business and I’ve since then left that marketing company. I now need to gain access, or become an admin, to my business page and don’t know how. Is there a way to make myself an admin if I’m the owner of the business that’s reflected in the page?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Natalie,

      Facebook implemented the ability to remove the originating administrator last summer. If I read your question correctly, your previous marketing agency created the business page and you paid them money, correct? And I assume you are a fan of your own page (you clicked the like button). If so, they need to make you an admin and remove themselves. I hope they are not holding you hostage! This is one of my hot buttons when it comes to working with small businesses. I always ensure the business owner is in control of their online presence, not me so that if they want to go on their own, they have everything they need to keep marketing their business. That’s why my motto is “I’m successful when you don’t need me anymore!”.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know if you are successful at getting your page under your control.

      • Hi Debra, first of all let me thank you for taking out the time to reply to my question! I’m telling about you and this website of yours to people, you’re awesome!!! Second of all, I’ve been begging for almost two weeks now for my previous marketing company to make me an admin and they won’t! Yes I’m a fan of my own page but they won’t make me an admin and they are simply ignoring me. What are my options? Should I create a new page for my business? Is there a way to then claim fraud on the old page or somehow properly claim ownership? Please advise me on what you recommend to do, I’m really in need of your advise Debra! Thank you so much!! you can also email me at princessnatalie@hotmail.com

        • Thank you Natalie, I sent you a quick email earlier. If you could provide your Facebook Page name, I’d like to see it before I provide any advice. I’m still shocked that your previous marketing company won’t relinquish control over to you and seem to be holding you hostage. That’s just wrong! What are they going to do with it? Your Facebook Page, just like your logo and business name, is an asset of the business and you, as the business owner absolutely need control over them.

          • I emailed you back. They’re not doing anything with it and I’m not sure why they aren’t giving me control of it.

          • I’m just really unsure of what to do… should I create a new page and try to migrate all the fans over? should I claim a ownership fraud dispute with Facebook? Any advise from you Debra would be much appreaciated, as you’re already helping us all with this fantastic blog!! you’re the best :)

          • Hi Natalie,

            I am assuming that the page name you sent me is also the name of your business. If that is the case, this marketing agency is in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service for Pages:

            1. Any user may create a Page; however, only an authorized representative of the subject matter may administer the Page. Pages with names consisting solely of generic or descriptive terms will have their administrative rights removed.

            Starting over is your final option after everything else has been tried because this page has the vanity URL of your business name. So before you throw in the towel, try a couple of things.

            If by chance you have a trademark registered for that business name, you can report the infringement to Facebook and potentially get made an admin which you can then remove the others by filling in this form: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=username_infringement

            If you don’t have a trademark on the name, then go to this blog post by Mari Smith: http://www.marismith.com/how-to-contact-facebook-a-directory-of-120-forms/ and try some of the forms.

            I would try the form to say you are the Authentic Representative: (http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=authenticate_page) but it says at the top of the form that if you didn’t get a link to this from your page, it will be disregarded. However, it’s worth a try.

            Also try some of the intellectual property and copyright forms. Make sure you include the details and give it a couple of weeks. People who have done this say they were made an admin of their page again magically.

            If that doesn’t work, get a lawyer to contact them.

            Then if all else fails, start over and create a new business page of which you are the admin (and at least one other person you trust so you never lose control). I hope it doesn’t get to this.

            Let me know how it works out.

  68. Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon! I really appreciate it! The problem is, I have done this (clicking brand, because we do not have a storefront) and although it does create me a page it is not a “business page”. I don’t have the same functions as a business page and my personal page comes up as well when searching for my company. It must be some sort of company page but it is not showing up as a business page like other companies I have seen. Could they have a business account and that is why? I just don’t get it. Ugh also is it safe and appropriate to use my own account to create the page, it just seems weird that I would have to use my own for a company I “work” for.

    • Stephanie, it’s perfectly fine to use your own personal Facebook profile to create the page now because if you leave the company, you can relinquish control to someone else. Just make sure there are multiple admins available for the page.

      What’s missing from the page that you see in other pages? And are you sure the page hasn’t been created and just needs you to fill out the information?

      The search for your company will bring up your personal profile if you have put them in as one of your employers. So that’s ok.


      A business account is strictly for creating pages and ads and shouldn’t affect the page creation process.

  69. Help!! I am trying to create a business page for the company I am now working at, but I must be doing something wrong because it is not working and I am getting more and more frustrated! I have read a million website and I cannot look at the help page on Facebook one more time without going crazy! They do not explain things very well and I feel like only make it more confusing because they don’t explain why you are supposed to do things the way they say.
    I started off by clicking on create a page.. then did the whole brand thing leading me to the section on if you have an account already. The first time I tried this I said no because I was confused on why I would use my own personal account for my job?! So instead, I made a new account (which I thought was a business account) using my work e-mail address. Once I went to create a page, I followed everything right but then noticed it was creating me a “page” NOT a “business page”. I have no idea what I did wrong!?!? I have inactivated and reactivated the account, deleted and creating new pages…and still nothing! The same thing keeps happening, I am left with a normal page and not business! I even tired using my own person account to make a business page! What am I doing wrong?!?! Why won’t it let me do a business page?! I have literally followed the steps to a T and watched a million you tube videos on how to do it! Nothing is working, did I do something wrong from the very beginning? I have tried deleting my account, to start from square 1 but my account is still in the system so it just keeps reactivating my old account. I have even tried using another employee’s e-mail address to start fresh.. but the same things keeps happening!!
    Please help me!! It can’t be this hard!! :-/

    • Hi Stephanie,

      My advice is to log into your own personal account and create the Business Page from there. Now that Facebook added the ability to remove the original creator, this is not a problem.

      Then go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and create the page.

      Select your category – only select Local Business if you are truly local and have a storefront. Otherwise, pick the second category and select from the drop down list of types.

      Once you have gone through the creation with verification that you are the official representative of this business, you will be taken to the “Welcome to your new page” tab which walks you through the steps to set up the content.

      One thing that has changed is that you no longer publish the page – it is visible immediately. If you want to hide the page while you create the information, go to the edit page, manage permissions and check the box for making the page visible to admins only.

      I hope this helps!

  70. I opened a page for my business. I can’t post comments to others walls as the business name. Am I missing something or is this just the way FB has designed the business page?

    • Hi Tim,

      That’s correct – a business page is not a person, it’s a brand. You can post on someone’s wall only through your personal profile. The way a business page communicates to its fans is to post something on the page’s wall or send an update to fans.

      Thanks for coming by.

  71. per the most recent question, I have a concern:

    I don’t understand why the Fan Page is unable to “befriend” people, because what if a business is trying to gain exposure and reach out to people by friending them? If it is an employee, you would have to make friend with that person then recommend the page. Which is weird because what if these people don’t know who the individual employees are, they only recognize the brand. Therefore-the company individual profile would make more sense to “friend” people, then request them to like the page.

    How is there another way around this?!?!

    • Danielle,

      The rule of thumb is that people friend people but people like a business or a brand. That’s one of the reasons Facebook changed the name of the page from a Fan page to a Business or Brand page AND changed the terminology from fan to like. Businesses need to reach out other ways to gain fans. Useful content, interaction, coupons, contests and other means to engage people on your page are what gets your fans to invite other people to like your page. If Facebook allowed pages to friend people, that would encourage actions that may not add to the best user experience. I certainly don’t want businesses to friend me, however, if they have something I like or want, I’m more than happy to like their page.

      Hope this makes sense.

  72. I have a fan page for the business that I am employed at, the fan page was created by the person who previously held my position. The fan page has an administrator that is a personal account created. However we (my boss and I) are getting aggravated because when people search for our business they are requesting friends with the admin instead of “liking” the business page. The business page is only used for posting information and it seems that the business account would work much better and be less confusing for our following. Is there a way to create the business account and pass administrative rights to it and drop after the fan page has already been created. Other than starting from scratch of course…Thank you for you help!

    • Ryan, at this point, you can make other employees admins and remove the personal profile for the business (which is against the Facebook Terms of Service). Always keep at least two admins for your page. Now that the originator can be removed, you shouldn’t have a problem removing that account and deleting it.

      Again, make sure you have at least two admins at all times!

      Hope this helps,

  73. Help! I have a businss fan page that I created, using my personal profile. I was the sole administrator of the page. Unfortunately, I acted on bad advice and deleted myself as administrator, thinking it would “unlink” my personal profile from the business fan page and I could reinstate myself as administrator and the 2 pages would be separate. Wrong!

    Now, the business page is administrator-less and anyone can post anything on it. My personal profile page says I have no pages to manage. How do I get re-instated as administrator of my business’ page?

    • Melissa,

      All fan or brand pages are created through a personal profile so removing yourself was really bad advice from someone. In fact, I highly recommend that all pages have a secondary admin just in the event something like this happens. Of course, you need to trust that other admin otherwise they can remove you and you can’t get back.

      My advice at this point is to read the discussion on http://www.facebook.com/FacebookPages at this link: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=10381469571&topic=19852

      A few people who did the same thing managed to get themselves reinstated as the admin of their page.

      The only other alternative is to start over if you don’t have a lot of fans. If you do, I’d pursue getting your admin rights back.

      Hope it works out – let me know if you get a response.

  74. please advise if possible. i cannot delete a business page. the instructions on facebook are incorrect. it says to go to edit page, then click on delete. only delete never appears. whether i go in from personal profile as admin or go directly to the page, neither works. btw, 3 pages come up that i administer for, nowhere does it allow me to delete. thank you!

    • Juan – the new administrative interface for Facebook Pages has moved the features around. You can now find the ability to delete a page in the “Manage Permissions” area at the bottom. I had to search around myself for this but glad it is out of sight so that you don’t use it unless you must. Cheers!

  75. I hope you can help—I just started a FB business page and I am trying to get my friends to become fans. I “suggested” that they become fans by inviting them, but only a few (about 20 out of 100) actually received my request. Now everyone is coming up gray and I can’t resend the invite. Can you help? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Shannon,

      You can only invite your friends once via the “suggest to friends” link which is why they are grayed out. Depending on how long it has been since you invited them, they just may not be interested which is ok – I have friends who isn’t interested in mine either! You want real people who have real interests in what you have to say. If you have your 25 fans, get your user name (vanity URL) for your page (www.facebook.com/username) and market your page via your email signature, put your Like Box on your blog, add interesting content regularly and your fan base will grow organically.

      Hope this helps.

  76. Hi there!

    I’m a fan on facebook.
    Please, help me!

    Facebook fanpage, They have limited access to information on the site and they cannot be found in search, cannot send or receive friend requests?


    Cop con

    • Hi Cop con,

      Facebook Fan Pages cannot send or receive friend requests as a page is a business, not a person. Only personal profiles can have friends. Pages have fans or people who like their page. Pages don’t access the information on the site and depending on which type of business you chose when setting up the page dictates what information you can provide to your fans. A local retail page will have parking and hours of operation. A professional services page will have more information about the business as it has no storefront.

      Pages should be found in search as they are fully indexed. It’s possible that the Page hasn’t used the appropriate keywords. If you want to post the Page name here, I can look at it and maybe see what is happening.

      Hope this helps.

  77. Hi Debra,

    Your articles are in depth and very informative. Do you know if there is anyway I can add friend requests via my business page as I don’t want these requests to come via my personal page?



    • Thanks Simon,

      You can’t really add friend requests via the business page because basically, businesses have fans – people have friends. A page can add another page to it’s favorites and people can like your business page. Is there a reason you don’t want to friend people via your personal profile? I just spoke with someone today and their reason was because they didn’t want to share personal comments with business colleagues, but you can use friend lists to segment what goes out in the feed to various people, so you can mix business with pleasure!

      Hope this helps.

  78. I recently made a Facebook page for my church. I made a business page and added two admins. But I cannot secure the page so that only the admins can edit anything. I see where I cannot have a profile so I did NOT make one. And when I go under settings and pick not to publicly publish (only for admin to see) then it says that the page is not published. How can I secure the business page so that no one can edit this page but me and one other admin? Please help I have searched!

    • Mary,

      Your Facebook Business Page is only editable by admins. There’s nothing to secure unless you don’t want people posting to your wall. Then you set that by clicking on the options under the status update box on the business page itself.

      I don’t understand what you meant by “I see where I cannot have a profile so I did not make one” – why can’t you have a profile? How did you create a Facebook Page without one? Did you use a business account?

      Publishing the page makes the page visible on Facebook – until you publish the page, no one will see it. Publishing is not about security but about keeping the page private until you have it set up the way you want.

      Hope this helps.

  79. That’s great advice, thank you for your quick response! Here is another small issue with that solution though:
    What if the admin needs to be through a professional account to update events, groups, etc…? The name would show up in the admin as the personal account once the fake business account had been deleted…correct? It’s a tough call.

    I guess we can make the fake profile real under the business name…who and what crawls the Facebook pages to make sure the profile is real…?

    • Danielle,

      When posting from the business page, all admins appear the same and their personal identities are hidden from the public view. Therefore, you can have several admins posting information to the page, but it all comes from the “admin” of the page not a particular person. You also want more than one admin for a page to prevent the page from being stranded if the admin’s personal account gets disabled for some reason.

      As far as who police’s the fake profiles, I don’t know how often or what algorithms they use to identify accounts to be disabled, but I do know that people’s profiles do become disabled and to get them reinstated takes some time.

      So make sure you:

      1. use your real identity when creating a personal profile
      2. have more than one admin for a Facebook Business Page

      Hope this helps.

  80. We are a small business that sets up Fan Pages. One of our clients already has a Fan Page set up associated with a “fake” personal profile…I’m trying to fix this by creating a different personal profile that means something to them. Can I create a business account for the new one that is linked to them?

    • Danielle,

      I wouldn’t use a business account. Why do they use a “fake” personal profile? No one knows who created the page (unless you tell them) so create it under someone’s real personal profile or make the fake profile real. If they already have a real profile, have them “like” the page, make them an admin and remove the fake profile – then delete the fake profile from Facebook.

  81. Hi Lee,

    I believe the only thing you can do from a Business Page is to mark a page as a favorite. Then that shows up on your page rather than your profile. The model is that people like and share, not businesses, so these personal things tend to come from your personal profile.

    I know that people who are admins want to post on Fan pages as themselves but can’t – so there is a bit of confusion around being a person and being a business.

    If I find out that there is a way, I’ll post it here so you can get an update.


  82. Debra,
    I have discovered a hospital page is out there, I just cannot see it on my personal home page. However, when I am in the hospital page and click home it automatically goes back to my personal home page.

    Am I on the right track?
    Thanks, again.

  83. Thank you for your Prompt response, Debra! It is so nice to know there is help out there!

    I haven’t set up a business account, only a business page on my personal account (which I have since accidentally deleted). And about your comment: “If you already have a personal profile on Facebook and you created the business page under the duplicate,” I’m not sure what you mean. Looks like I may need a huge tutorial – and Debra, I know it cannot be this difficult. I’m missing something somewhere.
    Thank you for your patience.

  84. Hello Debra,
    We are a rural hospital and just joined Facebook. I entered my full name, of course, but was hoping the name of the Hospital could be entered instead. So, I continued and added a business page. Debra, I would still prefer that our hospital be the home page so others can find us more easily.
    Have I set up a personal account and do I need to cancel it and open a business account instead? If so, and once I’ve done this, would I then open a business page on this as well,..so to communicate more effectively? Also, does it really take a few weeks for facebook to actually close the personal account?
    I am struggling as are others I see in your blog. I know you can help, Debra! Thanks!

    • Hello Kordelia,

      If you entered your full name, you most likely created a personal account. But Facebook now enables you to remove the original admin of a page (this feature was added recently) so you can set up the business page for your hospital from your personal profile and if you ever leave or want to relinquish being an admin, one of the other admins can remove you.

      So I think your confusion was around whether to create a business account to create the Facebook business (aka Fan) page and you no longer need to do that.

      If you already have a personal profile on Facebook and you created the business page under the duplicate, then from your original personal profile:

      1. like the page
      2. make yourself an admin of the business page
      3. remove the original admin (your duplicate)
      4. You can then delete the personal profile

      As for your statement “I would still prefer that our hospital be the home page so others can find us more easily”, Facebook pages are separate entities regardless of who created them so when people search, they will find the business page and not your personal profile.

      I hope this helps.

  85. One of the biggest features on Facebook is the photo. This social networking service is now a ‘host’ world’s largest online photo. This makes up for Facebook to develop their newest features are. Most recently, Facebook will introduce features automatic face detection.

  86. The good news is that Facebook has now added the ability to remove the original creator as an admin, so businesses can retain ownership of their Facebook Page if the person who created it leaves the company. At this point, I see no need for a Facebook Business Account unless they truly turn it into a business profile of some sort, which maybe redundant with a Page (although I could see a value in having a business profile vs a business page).

  87. Victor, using social media to market your business is more about building relationships and awareness than purely “advertising”. If you push too hard on your fans, you will lose them. Absolutely use a Facebook page to build a community of people interesting in what you have to offer. Make it interesting, fun and enlightening, and you will grow your base. Selling is unnecessary and unwanted on your Facebook page – those who are interested will come to you.

  88. Thank you so much for posting this helpful article. I have a question. My organization previously used a regular Facebook profile (before pages became so popular.) When pages became popular, we created a fan page. Since we have been laboriously updating both. We would like to just use our Fan page, though as I have read, we cannot delete the profile as that will render the fan page useless. If we change our profile to being a completely private profile, so that it will no longer be searchable or findable to anyone (and continue to use the fan page normally), would you see this as a potential alternate option? Do you have any suggestions or feedback on that?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kelly – let me make sure I understand your situation. You originally used a personal profile for your business (which is against the terms of service FYI) but when Business Pages became available you created one under the business personal profile.

      If this is the case, your best bet is to ensure all folks connected to the personal profile know to become a fan, stop the interaction on the personal page and make the personal business page someone’s personal profile. You can change the name on the profile by going into your “my account/settings” and changing the name and other information to reflect a person, not the business. I’m not sure what type of organization you work for, but I would get someone in the business to take over that profile as it will be the main administrator / creator of the business page. Also make sure several of you are admins of the page so you can continue to add content.

      Hope this helps.

  89. I only wanted a business facebook page. I have a personal facebook account and now have a business fan page. How do I get people to my business fan page.

    • Vee,

      Since no one knows who created the Facebook page (unless it’s like mine where my picture is there), your page is a separate entity that needs a marketing plan. Invite people you know to “like” the page and join the community. Put your business page into your email signature, on your business card and other marketing materials. Consider your Facebook page as you would your website and do similar things to drive people there. As with your website, what do you offer on your Page that makes it valuable to become a supporter?


  90. So, is there still no way to delete a profile that is associated with a business account? Like Karole (above), I followed a link and accidentally created a profile that is now attached to my business account. Also, I’m trying to get rid of the ads that show up on my business account. Do you happen to know anything about that?

    • Hi Hope,

      But I’m not sure what you mean by following a link and accidentally creating a profile – do you mean you converted your business account into a personal profile? If you did that, then the owner of your business page is that personal profile that you created. That’s not really a problem as no one knows who owns the page anyway. Just be careful that you didn’t create it in the business name as that could cause issues if Facebook decides that the personal profile is not personal and shuts it down. The big issue is when someone creates a business page under their personal profile – that ownership cannot be transferred and that, I hope, is something Facebook is working on solving.

      As for the ads, Facebook controls the ads and since we’re all using Facebook for free, the ads on the right side of the page enable us to continue to use Facebook at no cost. They show up on mine as well and that’s OK. They are not placed in the hot zones of the web page (top left down to middle) where most human eyes begin.

      Hope this helps.

  91. Thanks – yes even if you don’t want a personal profile, the Facebook Business Account enables you to set up a a Facebook Business Page for your business and use it to communicate with your customers and prospects.

  92. Hi Debra,

    I have a personal facebook account and would like to add a business page or pages…can i do that?…and how do i do that? Thank you.

  93. What about if I have a personal Facebook account and create a Fan page for my company, add a coworker as an additional administrator, and then delete my own personal Facebook account? Will that Fan Page then be in their hands under their account or will the page be deleted?
    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Linda,

      Please do not create the page and then delete the personal profile. My understanding is that it renders the page useless. I’ve read in the Facebook discussions that people have done this (not intentionally) and the Page is uneditable.

      Thanks for asking.

  94. I have a similar question. I set up a Fan page for my company that originally was not linked to a profile, but followed a suggestion and ended up creating a new profile that is now linked. If I delete the profile does my Fan page disappear?

    • Hi Karole,

      No, the fan page does not disappear, but you since you can’t remove the originator of the page as an admin, deleting the profile will result in the page being “stranded” if there are no other admins and those admins don’t have the full power over the page. I have read of others doing this and the results are not very good. This “feature” is part of making sure that the originator does not lose control of the page in the event someone gets access to your profile just to delete it and take over the page.

      When I hear of a way to create a Facebook Page without using your personal profile, I’ll let everyone know.

      Hope this helps.

  95. Hi Debra – Your link to my recent blog post led me to your website/blog. I like your site and what you are doing! Perhaps we can collaborate or do guest posts for each other. Thanks for the pingback. – Kimberly

    • Hi Kimberly – thanks! Your post was a great fit. Yes, let’s connect and see how we can support each other with our marketing efforts. Contact me with ideas via the contact form on this site or via a direct message in Twitter (or Facebook or LinkedIn)! Great to meet you!


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