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If you are passionate about doing what you love and you want to create a successful business based on that passion, I am interested in working with you. I truly love to help small business owners succeed. My marketing coaching services are customized specifically for your needs and help you implement the right marketing for your business.

I offer guidance and support in all areas of marketing, however my specialty is inbound marketing and organic search. Crucial to your online visibility, we can develop your entire web presence and ensure it consistently communicates with your target audience.

Want feedback on your inbound marketing plan or better yet, want guidance on pulling one together?

Need help developing your web presence so that it generates qualified inbound leads?

Struggle with driving traffic to your website and building your profitable email list?

Do you wonder if inbound marketing right for your small business?

Need more visibility as a local business and want to know how to get found online?

Want help identifying what makes your business different and why someone should work with you rather than your competition?

Confused by social media and how to use it to gain visibility for your small business?

Online marketing can be overwhelming, but I help you get focused on just the activities you need. You don’t need to do everything that’s available to you. You just need to select the right strategies and execute them consistently for your business to stand out.

About Debra

Debra Murphy - Marketing Consultant, Coach & Mentor

Your trusted marketing partner passionate about your success. Let me help you build a strong digital footprint and use it to increase visibility and generate inbound leads. Read more »

How Can Marketing Coaching Help You?

Increase Effectiveness and Decrease Costs

Trying to run the business and market it at the same time makes the task overwhelming and sometimes very frustrating. You are trained as an expert in another field and marketing is not an area where you’ve had much experience.

How can you brainstorm ideas and make critical decisions when you work alone?
Why waste time trying to figure out how to market your business when marketing seems to be constantly changing?

A marketing coach can help you create a practical marketing plan best suited for your type of business. In addition, we can ensure you understand what it takes to implement and manage various marketing strategies.

Let me help you:

Design the right marketing plan for your business that is practical given your resources.

Brainstorm with you on a particular issue so you can decide which direction you should take.

Offer support, advice, ideas and guidance to get your business moving forward faster.

Save you from making costly mistakes, both in terms of your reputation and marketing budget.

Keep you focused so you are moving forward more quickly and effectively.

Provide you with the best tools and resources needed to create your plan and market your business successfully.

Working with me has helped business owners increase their marketing effectiveness resulting in an increase in business or a reduction in their marketing costs, or both. Many of my clients have more than recovered their investment in working with me.

If you are a small business owner with wonderful talents and a credible business but you find it difficult to attract new customers and clients, let’s work together to define the marketing coaching services that will work for you. These value-packed coaching sessions are affordable alternatives for small business owners who need some occasional help.

90 Day Year

Peak Performance System
90 Day Year Certified Partner

90 Day Year® Peak Performance System helps you achieve inevitable outcomes in your business with more speed, focus and efficiency than ever before.

This system helps me grow my business and stay on track. As a 90 Day Year® Certified Partner, I use this system to help you get better results. Learn more »

Presentations & Workshops

Looking for an engaging speaker for your organization, event or business? Book me to provide either a presentation or workshop on the following topics:

Getting Found in a Crowded Market: Creating a Successful Inbound Marketing Plan

90 Day Year® Peak Performance System – Get more done in 90 days than most do in one year

How I’ve Helped My Clients

Whatever your marketing challenge, I can help you figure it out faster and with less stress and frustration. From startups with a clean slate to seasoned businesses looking to tackle specific challenges, I can help. Here are some specifics from past clients:

Helped a business owner determine what was the most important things to work on, created an action plan, then held him accountable for delivering on the tasks.

Advised a client on how to create effective Facebook Ads and landing pages to increase conversion rates.

Helped a startup choose the right business name, brand identity, marketing strategy, messages and activities.

Developed two WooCommerce websites and trained the owner on how to manage the website themselves.

Worked with a startup to modify their website for better search engine placement, identify their best keywords and create an inbound marketing plan to drive traffic.

Mentored an independent professional to uncover her differentiation and core marketing message, identify her ideal client, and develop a pricing and packaging strategy specifically targeted at her high-end clients.

Whether you need some advice on a single project or help creating and implementing an entire marketing plan, I can provide the support and expertise you need to accomplish your goals.

Let’s set up a discovery session to be sure I can help you and that we are a good fit to work together.

Client Testimonials

I started working with Debra in 2007 to get a better understanding of how to market my roofing business. I went through the Masterful Marketing 8 Step Program and found it to be extremely valuable. I not only developed a marketing plan and budget for my business, I also developed a new perspective on how… “Kelly Shepard”

Kelly Shepard

Affordable Packages for Small Business Owners

Customized Marketing Coaching

Marketing coaching packages provide flexibility in your scheduled calls. Unlike other small business marketing coaches that charge $400 for one 45 minute session or require a 6 month commitment, my coaching services are value-packed with no minimum commitments.

Need a little coaching to solve a pressing need?

Want a long term relationship to help you really understand how to marketing your business?

Get just the amount of coaching you need, when you need it.

How do these marketing coaching sessions work?

You pick the topic and tell me your situation via email prior to our conversation.

I’ll review your situation and prepare my recommendations.

We schedule a 60 minute Zoom session where we discuss your situation and the recommended solution.

I give you action items to work on and provide email support over the next 5 business days to keep you unstuck.

You’ll receive a recording of our call within 24 hours for future reference (if available).

Marketing Coaching Packages and Pricing*

1 hour: $240.00 (includes 30 minutes prep and feedback time)
2 hours: $450.00 (includes 60 minutes prep and feedback time)
4 hours: $800.00 (includes 90 minutes prep and feedback time)

Custom quotes are available for relationships of six (6) months or more. Pricing differs for coaching calls that require no preparation and feedback. Contact me to find out more.

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