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3 Simple Tips to Create Web Content Fast

3 Simple Tips to Create Web Content Fast

We know that providing great content is important to our online marketing strategy, but creating that content can be a burden. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 57% of content marketers just simply don’t have enough time to produce content. And when you are a small business owner, time is a precious commodity.

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Content Marketing Requires a Solid Marketing Foundation

Create a solid content marketing foundation

All construction must begin with a solid foundation otherwise you risk building a structure that requires constant maintenance and repair. Effective content marketing is no different. Your content strategy must be architected and built as carefully and with as much care as the foundation of a building.

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Grammar Mistakes Can Ruin Your Content Marketing

Grammar Mistakes

I must be getting more sensitive to bad grammar in blog posts, email newsletters and other types of content marketing. These errors glare out from the content and totally distract me from the topic of interest. The sad truth is that these grammar mistakes are found in the material of some of the top content marketing authors.

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Google Authorship – Why it’s Important to Your Business

Google Authorship - Contributor Links

Google is continuously changing its search algorithms in order to discover the best content from the original author and providing those more relevant search results to those looking for that information. To gain more visibility and better search engine rankings, you need to implement Google Authorship and make it easy for searchers to focus on your content in the search results pages.

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6 Step Formula for Writing Quality Blog Posts

6 Step Formula for Writing Quality Blog Posts

We all know that content is becoming more central to your overall marketing strategy. In fact, you will have trouble implementing any type of inbound marketing strategy if you aren’t able to produce great content. However, creating great content is difficult for most of us but the key is that you just need to start.

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Content Marketing for Mobile Devices

Content Marketing for Mobile Devices

We love our smartphones and tablets. Usage of both devices is growing rapidly with more people using their mobile devices more than a laptop. Given the fact that more and more people are finding and consuming content on tablets and smart phones, our content marketing tactics must support those devices seamlessly.

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WordPress SEO Simplifies Content Optimization

WordPress SEO Plugin - Simplifies Content Optimization

Small business owners really don’t need one more thing to think about when it comes to online marketing. To add anything else to our already overflowing plates will make us ineffective. But small businesses, regardless of their industry, should add a blog as the central component of their content marketing activities because creating relevant content for your target audience and optimizing it for search engine visibility is too important to ignore.

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