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Evergreen Content – A Critical Component of Your Content Strategy

Evergreen Content - A Critical Component of Your Content Strategy

Adding evergreen content to your content marketing strategy has many benefits. While creating content frequently can be hard to sustain, creating evergreen content may be a better investment, especially for smaller businesses with fewer marketing resources, because it can drive traffic for a longer period of time without the need to write more frequently.

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Creating Quality Content – Can’t Get Found Without It!

Creating quality content

Now that you have the who, what, where and when of your content marketing strategy, you now need to generate a regular stream of quality information across all of your content channels (blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc).

The challenge – what is quality content? Like many things in life, beauty (or in this case quality) is in the eye of the beholder. Many posts are quick to point out that you need to deliver quality content, but few provide what it takes to actually do so.

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