Should You Update Your Brand?

stand out, update your brand

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you need to take a serious look at your brand. In the overcrowded world of the Internet, your business must uniquely stand out from others in order to attract your ideal client. It’s not good enough to just be a different color in a sea of sameness, but to be memorable because you offer something others don’t.

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Choosing a Business Name that Works

Choosing a business name

Are you starting a business and are stressing over what to name it? Or do you have a business but the name just isn’t working and you are wondering if you should change it? Choosing the right business name is important because it can have a tremendous impact on whether your customers take your business seriously, view it as a successful entity or shy away from your brand entirely.

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Creating a Consistent Online Brand

Consistent Online Brand

Branding your small business involves projecting a strong, consistent image throughout all of your marketing regardless of whether you are using online or traditional media. However a consistent online brand helps you maximize your brand presence, enabling potential customers to understand the value you provide to your clients. By projecting your business’s unique personality, you send a clear message about who you work with and what your business is all about.

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Business Brand – 4 Steps to Creating a Strong Image

Building Your Business Brand

Recently I wrote about the true value in your value proposition because small businesses need to understand what it is they offer and why their market needs it. And you really need to define your mission statement is so you can communicate it to your target audience. Now we need to turn our attention to creating a strong brand, one of your most valuable business assets.

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Corporate Identity, Brand Identity or Brand Image

These three terms are often confused with one another, when in reality they are quite different. Is one more important than the others? Does every business have all three? There is a difference that dictates how each should fit into your marketing effort. Corporate identity is concerned with the visual aspects of a company’s presence. …

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