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A Gift from Dad?

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I’m not sure if you believe in spirits or angels, but I have to write about what happened today. So once again, forgive my deviation from my marketing posts. Maybe someone can help me understand what happened as I really can’t explain it myself. Although I’m Catholic and believe in my religion, I wouldn’t say I am overly spiritual. But this event makes one sit back and truly wonder.
wedding band
My dad lost his wedding ring last summer and was heartbroken. We looked everywhere in the yard, where he dumps clippings, and around the house. He looked, Kevin and I looked, and my friend Bob came by with a metal detector to help us look through the grass and brush. Nothing.

I kept praying that I would someday find it for Mom. And on the way over to her house today to run an errand, I was thinking again, please let me find this ring as a sign for Mom to know he is in peace.

So I got there, picked up some branches from the front yard from the storm this past weekend and went around the back to throw them into the woods. When I got there, as I have done each time, I stopped and stood quietly taking in the area to see if just by chance the ring would be visible. No such luck once again.

So I walked back through the yard and into the patio to enter the house, all the while thinking that I wish I could find that ring.

Now the strange thing about this situation is that Dad lost the ring in August and he looked everywhere for it, including all around the patio, and kept looking every time he walked out there. He did some work in the area before he got sick, cleaning up the patio and pool. Pool maintenance guys came in October to cover the pool. The patio was full of leaves and the landscapers came at the end of November to clean up. They blew them out of the patio area into the yard to suck them up with the equipment. Kevin and I were there the other day putting hoses away and walking all through the patio. With all that activity, if the ring was there, you would think one of us would have notice.

But today, as I walked through the patio, laying right in the middle where I could not possibly miss it, shining in the sunlight, was his wedding ring. It was as if it were placed there by someone.

I started crying and laughing at the same time. I ran into the house yelling for Mom (scaring the living daylights out of her) and showed her the ring. We both started crying. She is wearing the ring on a chain next to her heart.

I wish I could explain how the ring got there, but all I can say is my prayers were answered.  Maybe it’s a gift from Dad to let us know he’s OK.

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