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Showcase Your Skills with Social Media

The competitive environment surrounding us encourages those who wish to succeed to learn how to market themselves effectively. Whether you are applying for a job, trying to win a client, or in some cases, applying to a university, using social media to present the real you can make be difference between you getting noticed or being overlooked. Social media enables many to showcase skills that may not be evident otherwise. Using only the written word is sometimes not enough to evaluate a candidate, especially when it may be more important for a person to fit into the organization from a personality, culture and attitude perspective than just in aptitude. By using social media, people can get a sense of who […]

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If I Can’t Find You Online, Do You Exist?

If I Can't Find You Online, Do You Exist?

Eight down and one to go in the year end marketing review series to help small business owners get ready for a wonderful new year. Before we plan our marketing activities for the new year, we have one more review  – do you and your business exist online? As a small business owner, how you are perceived when people search and find your information will determine whether they contact you about your products and services. So as hard as it may be to know the truth, we must understand whether: We have an online presence or not; Our online presence consistently projects how we want to be perceived. Do You Exist? This may be the easier issue to deal with as you […]

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Personal Brand or Online Reputation

Bono - Personal Brand

Whatever you call it, you still need to manage it! There’s a lot of conversation about the term personal brand. My favorite personal brand is Bono (no surprise here), but Tom Brady, Madonna, J. Lo, Manny Ramirez, Britney Spears and many other celebritites all have personal brands – some good and some not so good at times. As small business owners in the social media world, it’s not about creating a celebrity-like image but about establishing your reputation and managing how you are perceived by others, especially those who may want to do business with you. Building and nurturing a consistent reputation for what you are good at (your differentiation) is something you should strive for to make finding your ideal client that […]

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Personal Branding – Is it really something new?

Resume/Brand: Is it really something new?

I attended a great event last night held by Next Level Executives on personal branding. This event got me thinking that developing your reputation is nothing new – but doing so on such a global basis is what brings the overwhelming nature of personal branding to many business owners. Throughout my entire career, I have had to manage my reputation and “brand” from job to job. How many times were we told never to burn bridges because you never know when you will cross paths with that person again.

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A Résumé or a Social Media Portfolio?

Resume/Brand: Is it really something new?

I’ve been following a few posts that have been debating the purpose of having a resume in this world of social media. In Seth Godin’s post, “Why bother having a resume;?”, he posits: I think if you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all. The rationale? It’s an excuse to reject you. A resume makes you ordinary. And I agree. Having a boring, play by the rules resume can be the kiss of death. When I was a hiring manager at my last company, I had a recruiter begging me to meet with a candidate of his for a technical marketing position I had open. I told him based on her resume, she didn’t have […]

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